Kadan Que and Lags

Hey there . I play in Kadan and well need to say this is just like a bad joke Que i hade today 12 k in front of me around 17:20 (PM) UK time now there is like 15,5 k in Que this is just so sad to see you still didn’t mad any progress about this . And the Lags what comming around morning around 11-12 (AM) it’s like you need to hope you will know to get in some Raid , Chaos ,Tower,Cube or andthing like that bc the game just don’t let you in wright some issue with the party members . And would be so nice if we see now some progress about this and not only just we looking intro it and we will do something . And fun is that around 2-3 (AM) the game is totally diffrent no lags you know to enjoy but just till 11-12 (AM)