Kakul gate2 is actually bugged

So there is a mech that fear you and it actually broken. Everytime the boss spawn bomba somehow somewhere u will get feared for no reason, even if u watch away from the boss, and that u should do, but u keep ur eyes away from him, eventually u gonna die from fear… So balance game, everyday this game kill u for.no reason…

Thank you for letting us know about this @Jambayone, i will pass this along to the team!

no this doesn’t need fixing its all good, G1 hearts ping right?
The only fix needed are the speed of hooks and saws which are real bad with high latency! Always rubber banding! same with mario 3-4 Missiles!

You have to look away from the big (center) one when the red lasers pop.

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game wasn’t meant for people with 3 digit pings, so they won’t touch that, and it only gets faster in hell mode, so they really have no incentive to care to cater people playing in regions not meant for the game.