Kakul Hard mode also coming out?

Although I’m assuming it is (since Vykas was released with both modes), the roadmap only mentions Normal mode and the easier version to practice… but just to clarify… Kakul-Saydon Hard mode is also getting released, correct?

there isn’t a hard mode for clown as it’s hard enough already

I can’t tell if you’re serious or not xD
But if you are, I apologize for my ignorance eheh

i’m serious.
There is the 4 man raid and the hell version of the 4 man raid, that’s it. No NM/HM

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He is serious ^^ there is only those 2 modes for this raid.

Oh ok, I had no idea.
Thanks guys!


Wrong. There is also 1 pleb mode. At 1385 ilvl.

Kakul haven’t hard mode sorry, you can’t skip it like with Vykas.

ye afaik there is no hard mode, and hellmode was somewhat recently added so we likely won’t see hellmode clown until a bit after abrelshud

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Kuku though himself CAN be skipped in terms of progression. He doesn’t drop any new “set” gear. Mainly he UPGRADES current set bonuses to level 2.

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Does it not give gold?

It gives gold like the rest. Next gear set upgrade will happen with Breal.

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1475 is clown ilvl req for normal. There’s no hard. There is an inferno but it’s not coming in sept.

It gives gold, and when clown releases 1475+ characters won’t get gold from argos anymore.

1385 offers some practice mode, that does not give gold and is mostly to give people in the 1415 deadzone something to do for fun

this is my understanding and it might not be 100% correct, because I did not play other versions. I’m less clear on the 1385 content in particular. Single mode & no argos gold I am sure of.


Perfect answer, thank you!

Thank you, everyone :slight_smile: