Kakul is hard as EFF! Nerf it!

Sorry for the drama-click-bait.

my static group and I took 4 nights on the first week to finish it up.
The second week we could finish within 2 hours
The third week we finished within 30 minutes.

All i can say is, you can do it. Practice, and fail, and practice and fail. Once you master it, you’ll be having so much fun with it.

Good luck!


It will get easier as weeks go by for sure, if you already tryharded clown reclears you can just join “Mayhem Legion Commander” title groups, those are usually clean and fast kills cause, well, you are with people that actually killed the boss enough times.

Yeah, like those valtan groups with demon roar floor dweller pov people

I mean everyone can fail, specially at clown, and people are tolerant in that aspect, but if im with a bozo that fails to enter mario 1 5 times in a reclear party, you are damn sure im stopping the raid and replacing him.

I ONESHOT Gate 1 AND GATE 2 with a PUG this week.

Gate 3 however … took like 150 wipes, 7-8 pug groups and TWO days á la 5 hours both to clear it this week.

It took TWO whole afternoons of my weekend, to clear it this week.

Too many imposter in exp / reclear groups and the other groups are 5+ clears, title runs already, that need another 2 weeks to join.

dude is easier than vykas what u on about

Someone didn’t take time to read xD

You cry about clown …

there are still plenty of vykas normal groups where people with title mess up mechanics they should know.

getting hostage in Vykas especial p2 is still a daily thing… how do people think that, exactly that people who cant do mechanics they do for month now, will clear Clown p3 on a daily base ?

its delusional that practice helps people who doing the same mistakes since months

sorry, it was in a hurry

Because you can die early in all 3 gates on Vykas in an 8 man raid and still get carried, but not for clown.

Anyone who currently has the Mayhem title likely knows what they are doing in clown vs some random who has the Vykas title for Vykas

In short, your comparison is just awful.

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Never nerf hard content. NEVER.

Give yourself the time to improve. You do not need to clear it in the first week. Nah, not even the first month.

I didn’t clear G3 for now… (but thats more because I don’t raid haha, never seen how G3 looks haha). And it doesn’t matter. Raid in your own pace, you will - especially with a static - manage to clear it any day AND you will be Lv 2 gear sooner or later.

Give yourself time and focus on improvement instead of making Content easy. Nothing is worse than easy content.

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Good luck on clearing!

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