Kakul Saydon - Clown preperation guide!

Hi all thanks for the feedback on videos as always but heres the 5 tips i can give you to get reeady for the upcoming big boy legion raid!!

Kakul Saydon raid guide!

What do you think is the single most important tip you could give to someone preparing for Kakul? :clown_face:

git gut

don’t cry

You can practice the mechanics a little in Rehearsal mode.

After clearing your normal Kakul Raid you can clear rehearsal as well but without the rewards. The rewards aren’t really important, its more the practice you can get to better our approach to this Legion Commander that is important.

Thats going to be my new daily until I mastered it :slight_smile:

Best tip I can give:

  • Play some 2D side scroller like super Mario
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At this point? RMT like crazy because inflation is increasing past couple weeks/months and AGS is not harsh enough against RMT players. I know some ppl that were bragging on discord how much they rmted, reported them multiple times and nothing happened.
Not gonna even talk about Chinese streamer debacle and the fact that you can RMT and bot while streaming and AGS won’t punish players like that right away.

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That sounds like a great idea, dakine_uchiwa!

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Oh look, a clown. :clown_face:

Guess youre recruiting him to your circus?