Kakul Saydon entry ticket issues and game connection

I had an issue with entry ticket loss at the beginning of the week, and had to wait for it for 2 days, which made my static group wait and waste their time. Now I got dc-ed again from the game during the last seconds of the clear on G2, which locks me out from G3, but still counts as I completed G2. I generally don’t like posting on forums and etc., but this is getting annoying.
I don’t care about the clear rewards, its only 2 trumpets and little amount of gold. It is frustrating to make my static group suffer from this too, because now they have to look for another guy in looking for group, discuss the strats and etc., because receiving my another ticket would be 2 days and it will be a weekly reset already.
I don’t know any solutions to recommend, because it is built-in game system, and I don’t think AGS can make their automated ticket sender work faster, but this week update definitely broke something foundamental, because I never had issues like that before.

(you can check these screenshots for “validity” of my post)

this one is for the first case:

this is the current (second) entry loss case, two errors that are literally controversial to each other (second error is Insufficient Raid Progress if I recall correctly)

And again, I am not asking AGS or SG to make their automated system faster or something, this weekly update changes some foundamentals of the game, I am facing very high ping spikes and connection issues, please consider checking this part.

Hi @itstez420.

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The team is investigating this issue with Kakul; when you have a chance can you please leave your server and any additional details, it would be much appreciated! on this Link .

Character Name:
Additional details:

Also remember If determined this was a server-side issue, the delivery of the replacement ticket could take up to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

Thank you :sunny: