Kakul-Saydon G1 to G3 Cheat Sheet (Mechanics Spoiler)


Here is the Kakul-Saydon cheat sheet for G1 to G3, after making the Vykas one, I received a lot of messages asking me when I’ll make the Kakul one, so here it is, I spent a lot of time looking for the general strategies to clear the raid, and just like the previous one, my inspiration came from the Korean cheat sheet from Inven by 삼칼님이

Some additional notes concerning the cheat sheet : Battle items throughout the raid are really flexible and down to personnal preference, I mainly added the one that could be helpful for a first playthrough, you should consider using sacred charm to cleanse crowd control, marching flag & swiftness robe if you’re playing a slow class and struggling to do some mechanics.

This cheat sheet is mainly a support for the raid to have on your second monitor, reading it once won’t make you fully understand all the mechanics but will give you a good basic understanding of the fight. The best way to use it, is to either download it or you can have it on a web page and zoom how you need it.
Hoping that everyone enjoys the raid, I’m personally really excited about it !

Thanks to : Santa from the Helltan discord for reviewing it and giving his opinion about it and the Bleeding guild on Antares for supporting me making it.

Disclaimer: I’ve seen some website use the cheat sheet for their own benefit, this cheat sheet is only for personnal use, please contact me beforehand if you wish to implement it on your website.


Nice!! Ty. Love this more than the maxroll ones

Do you have a high res of your Vykas one?

Here is the dark mode one of it


I was waiting for this one. Thank you very much <3

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