Kakul Saydon Needs a Hardmode difficulty

So after the release of Valtan and Vykas, a lot of people were worried that the legion raids were too easy, even in hard mode and inferno mode is something you do once or twice, not a weekly (doesn’t give weekly rewards).

When I first saw that Kakul had only a normal difficulty I was extremely skeptical thinking it’s going to be too easy but after playing it, while I agree that some mechs can cause group wipes very easily like touching a saw, getting hooked and missing the stagger, dying in Mario, not getting enough Mayhem meter for M3 and failing to clown. I’d say there should be a hard mode for everything else not mentioned, in particular his normal patterns.

For instance, the fear laser mech should work through dash immunity so people can’t just dash the laser and rather need to learn to manually dodge it or dash from the laser, not dash through it.

The Bingo fear/dusa mech should be happening during the whole fight, not just Bingo.

Get rid of that stupid mech where Kakul jumps up, lands, jumps up again, lands which takes forever and is just a waste of time, not difficult at all.

Hooks should not be time stoppable.

All players should be debuffed to the same movement speed during the mechs from the iron maiden to Kakul, so capped at 24% MS or so, right now people are just cheesing it with sprinters robes which allows u to arrive so fast that u basically skip the mech.

During bingo the fear laser should rotate like it does normally, straight line is way too easy and pointless.

Marios 1 and 2 should be buffed so it’s similar difficulty as M3 and 4, whats the point of having 2 super easy Marios then 2 way harder ones? It just makes M1 and 2 players brain dead af. Or if you want the difference in difficulty to remain then reverse them so M1 and 2 are the hard ones and 3 + 4 are the easy ones so pugs can identify who can’t Mario immediately and kick rather than playing all the way to M4 3 times to check whether the M4 guy who said he can do M4 99% of the time is lying or not.

Sure, go code that up.


I mean we could just keep the server issues as is and we all just attempt it from there

Few nights ago went to go complete a stagger check, we did it and the iron maiden person still died, no blood spatter on the screen or anything

The best mechanics are the ones where you don’t know if you will fail or pass because of the server

jump land u mean the blue telegraphs yeah I could do without that…

Im like why but then again history dev wanted to make raid as annoying as possible to prevent bussing.

What for? Legion raids exist for 2 reasons:

  • weekly gold gain
  • set progress

So what is it you want out of it? 2k more gold or twice the trumpet count?

If you’re looking for a challenge, go hell mode.

Yeah, that stupid mech, never seen any1 die to it but takes like 20s, such a waste of time.

As I said previously, hell mode is not a weekly content. Would be nice to keep the bad players in normal and the better players in HM and keep the rewards different to reward the better players in HM better than the bad players in NM. Basically incentivizing you to get good.

clown had a negative reaction in KR
devs took note went back to 8 man raids

it looks like 4 mans will be Abyss dungeons moving forward
for the health of the community its better too
to many ppl who think they are gods at this game break up groups cuz I think ur bad at this children game after 1 pull rage quit.

Clown did not have a good reputation in KR like at all mind you and one of the core reasons it was so disliked was because ‘‘They made it so you can’t bus it’’ but YOU STILL can bus it that’s the funny part.

Well, I’ve never had support shortages coz instead of needing a Support AND a support, you just need 1 support which greatly improves the chances of getting 1 and going vs 8 man parties.

another static enjoyer saying the raid is too easy with his 1500 friends 1 shot the boss


“Cheesing” more like an illusion for safe feeling. Do you ever play Pug or only Guild/Static? Many don’t fail without Robe or any % MS.

Not every class is capable for Solo stagger, even if you went superfast and still can’t Solo stagger because of your class and meta build. It’s no difference

in the beginning many players were gatekeeping dick riding Korea. Gatekeeping G1-2 for no real reason. Could not get off der high horse and broke up 8 man groups formed cliques within guilds

Members that arent as gud as they think they are also have some sort of superiority complex in a children game. Like if I waste 70hrs a week grinding then I’m only going to play with others that swipe or nolife the game. Which is OK but you DO see the shade and its hilarious lol.

Person X just does raids, fucks horizontal, and plays maybe 6 hrs per week. You prob had 5x3 4 months ago on 4+ toons, but plenty F2P getting 5x3 now on 1st or second toon. The shade real they don’t like it that casual Mokokos are catching up to whales, no lifers, spenders. Classic case of I suffered committed more so you must too mentality BS its outdated.

It was rampant at launch, now its more chill but good lord the amount of crybabies.
IMO should take 2-4 weeks to fully understand a new raid not 6hrs of progging that’s just entitlement. You fail you try again then farm mode.

The seeds have already been sowed guilds breaking up, statics formed outside guild, cliques.
The guild turns into a glorified Bloodstone Generator all b/c another person took 3 resets to understand G2 instead of 1. The irony is Guild runs become PUG runs eventually b/c members that were excluded either PUG or play with others outside the guild. It’s fucking hilarious and this during a time when you need to keep players.


So this game exists in Korea 4 years now. Don’t you think they have already considered adding Kakul Saydon hardmode but they concluded they wouldn’t and why would they now after 2 years of Kakul Saydon release?

From what I have seen so far, kuku already keeps better player in NM and bad player in rehersal though…

Not directed at you, directed at the examples you gave.

5x3 x5 and rest 4x3+2 from F2P, I’ve been dumping the market in all the right times and not FOMOing so I’m pretty rich. I also bought the class engraving books when they were around 5-7k each instead of over honing my toons.

I play raids only, never touch horizontal cept getting skill pnts etc…

Valtan and Vykas were way 2 ez, was hoping for some challenge that last longer than 1 week at Kuku and especially Brel.

I don’t care about guilds and statics breaking, I’m used to that coz I came from CSGO, Valorant, Dota, SC2 etc where your static has to be near to ur skill or u can’t even matchmake with them. This is actually way more forgiving than other games as they don’t even let you queue together.

People who say dumb shit like “this raid breaks statics” so what, you want brain dead content so your unskilled friends can pass it easily? Then wtf is the point of raiding, this is precisely why I’m asking for a hardmode.

So when you wanna play with ur friends who are significantly worse than u or vice versa, you can rehearsal and normal mode and when you want an actual challenge, go inferno mode and when you’re so bored of normal mode coz its ez af, upgrade your weekly to hardmode for more rewards.

play pvp if you want real challenge - good luck

I want the challenge from PvE as I already play PvP games such as the games listed above so I come to MMORPGs exclusively looking for PvE challenges.

there is no real pvp game with combat as good as lost ark today

All atm Legion Raids are like a Big Tutorial. post your Topic after Brell Hard. :slight_smile:

Or go try Hell mode. If u are Bored.