Kakul Saydon potential problem?

I have seen many Korean streamers saying that is not a good experience to attempt Kakul Saydon with 4 x 3 engravings. Is it realistic for this server to have a healthy number of players ready with at least 5 x 3 engravings? In my case I have to admit I have been extremely unlucky with accesories never sold anything above 2k but from people I know only whales and maybe 5% of f2p players were capable to build 5 x 3 engravings (and some that use not so meta engravings).

Korean players had a lot of time to prepare for those engravings but as I see it now, it will take a lot of time to buy x20 grudge or x20 cursed doll, x20 etc in order to reach those engravings.

Short term solution is 20x class which is cheaper in most cases. Well if you don’t have 7\7 casino then gotta buy 2 anyways so works only for like 50% of players. Don’t forget that 4x3 + a good 2 is still much stronger than just 4x3. Also it seems like we’ve got some really sweaty gamers here in NA\EU, every like third person is trying to convince people right and left that they one shot Kuku 4x3 with lvl 5 gems. Even Amazon is calling them clowns on twitter.
Seriously, that’s the reason why the raid is “delayed”. For a lot of people it seems like it’s gonna be delayed even more since they don’t want to spend gold on 5x3 prog, rather hone alts, think they are going to do clown on multiple 4x3 chars, delusional kiddos. But Amazon at least gives them time.

keep in mind we have until “late sept” too get 5x3. if your already 1475+ right now then pushing for 5x3 is doable.

if i were to go with a BT zerker build id be looking at about 5 weeks to get the full thing going, vs 7-8 weeks for a mayhem build. (based soley on raid and una gold)

all you need is a 7-7 stone and 1 legendary engraving of your choosing. then you can buy your accessories.

in my case id go with class engravings for either build because typically an class accessory is more expensive the the rest so i dont want to need to buy two of them.

Class engraving is not an option since I use gunslinger and peacemaker is not worth at 3. I need to generate 150k - 200k for 1 gold engraving, I do not see how this is achievable without the luck of selling 50k+ accessories (which I have never had the luck). Having said that is not a complain based on why I think I will not be able to achieve 5x3, is what I perceive in my 3 guilds, players who only pay for battle pass and here and then some skins, etc (below thousands of dollars), none of them have 5x3 only the extremely lucky ones that sold 100k+ accessories.

I do not think that enough people will be ready to have 5x3 engravings.

You dont need 5x3, if u get higher level tripods. they are a huge boost in power tbh.
But a lot of people seem to simply ignore them for some reason xD

only if you are bad. if you are good it’s easily doable

Every f2p in my play group has 5x3 and 1475+ at this point. If you don’t, you either do not play enough or mismanage your resources. You have another month and a half, it can be done if you try.

Also, when they say “5x3” they mean just more than 4x3.

4x3+1, 4x3+2, etc. is fine. Having level 7 gems is good, make sure you have your tripods, etc…

I do have 1495 ilevel, gems 7, tripods, but no way I can earn 400k to buy two legendary engravings. Where does the gold will come from if not by getting lucky with expensive accesories?

? You don’t need grudge 12 or Cursed 12 you do that with accessories wtf lol while the class engravings should be

Class Engraving 12
Not Grudge or Curse Doll 12
Stone 7/7 or 7/6 however a 7/6 forces you to buy a necklace with proper stat reducing quality this route only works on support really

Where did you get your magical 5% number from? Everyone I know who plays the game has a 5x3…and they do not buy gold.

Puh i guess i still try it on 4x3 - only got 2 chars with 5 x 3 ^^

Why do you have 1495 ilvl and you don’t say anything about the rest of your alts. Anything past 1475 is excess, especially if you do not have a well rounded 6x characters. You don’t need to play them every day, but more characters to raid = more raw gold.

Most of us make 50k/week or more from raids, selling material, busses.

I suppose I can answer my own question if he thinks he needs 12 curse doll or 12 grudge to make a 5 x 3

You don’t need curse doll or grudge books to make one character 5x3. Also, this “don’t have time” is pretty relative and depends so much of your roster because:

Right now, each alt at 1430 gives you around 8k raw gold just by doing weekly raids.

  • If you have 3 of them (main, and 2 alts at 1430) you’re doing around 30k+ raw gold per week (+una’s, gold islands) without selling mats/drops.
  • If you’re selling mats and bussing with your main you can generate near 50k~ gold per week.

This give you between 240~400k gold before Clown release which should be more than enough to be 1490 and 5x3.

Korean streamers always overexagerate the reality because they did it blind+their first release. However, you pretty much will need 5x3 for Brelshaza anyways so why you gonna rebuild your character two times? :thinking: