Kakul Saydon/CLOWN Guide

All the info here is based on alot of videos, screenshots and stuff that i watched and gathered information putting it all into one guide.

Gate 1 :monkey_face: 160 hp bars : Whirlwind Bomb , Hp Potions , Sacred Charm , Timestop ?
U can use Nineveh anytime on this Gate

Gage on Kakul ( same as Gage on P3 Vykas )

If u get hit by mechanics u get gage of course - when u reach 50% of the bar u send out a laser in + pattern from under your feet - thats an L run away dont hit your teammates ! ( if u huit ur teammate they get gage and if they reach 50% also they send out another laser )

If u reach 100% u become a Clown :clown_face: ( thats true btw ) then the boss will get damage reduction which is permanent buff on the boss and it stacks and u are out of action which means u are useless at this point for 13 seconds . If u are a Clown u can use W skill - it reduces the Gage on the players around you if they are in range ( its like Bard default shield range not Awaken )
If they are further then your range it gives them Gage

Start of the fight Cards above your head - thats the same as Argos P1 Sun and Moon - u get a card above you and its used for many boss mechanics for example regular P1 pattern where he does a circle ish around himself and u got 4 spots - those spots are based on which cards yall have stand on your card and its gucci usually its 1 min into the fight and every minute later for the rest of the fight

U can get feared ( cleanse effects work on that same as talisman and sacred bomb )

Saydon ( small clown ) pops into the the fight and does a slot machine he is rolling between 4 cards u got and a bomb is the card u got is chosen by Saydon u pick it up and u get Gage reduction, if someone else takes it by mistake they get Gage increase ( get close to it and press G if u wanna pick it up )

Kakul picks up colored nade red or yellow if its red + is safe is if yellow X is safe

Pigeons , Birds ability - the boss teleports to random spot on the arena and he sends Birds front and later to his back - left and right is safe

Of course there are random counters also if Kakul jumps up and he is gonna land on his rolling Ball same as Clown in 1370 Abyss U HAVE TO COUNTER IT - otherwise he will start rolling into someone and breathing fire and someone will die unless u are VERY far away

Kakul spawns Huge ball it splits every few seconds into 2 - just dodge it

RANDOM Mechanic - Dice - it has 2 patterns the Interrupt pattern and Guide pattern
Interrupt pattern

Kakul pulls out a Dice and shuffles the cards - move to the south while doing this mechanic
One players is chosen and he is stunned and there is light around him
Kakul is sending the cards to this stunned player which card is not his has to be taken by 3 other players - the Stunned player always has the 3 rd card so the first 2 players take the first 2 cards 3 rd card goes to the stunned players and the 4 card is taken by the last person

Guide pattern
3 players are stunned and 1 player has to guide each card to the stunned players
First card is always the guider card

:clown_face: FIRST MECHANIC 128 Bars :clown_face: - Stagger Check ( WW Granades )
Kakul spawns purple shield on his left right front or back - DONT hit the boss from this side its based on ur position not where u throw the skills u will die ( each hit into this shield reflects 20k damage to you so if u multihit this u are dead instantly )

:clown_face: SECOND MECHANIC 110 Bars :clown_face: - Screen goes Dark - Kakul spawns 4 clones at 1,5,8,11 there is :star: and there is :heart: u PING only if u have a :heart: . There will always be 3 :star: or 3 :heart: u have to look to the 1 that is different. If there is 3 :star: u look to where the :heart: is. If there is 3 :heart: u look towards the :star: . If u fail this its a wipe

:clown_face: THIRD MECHANIC :clown_face: 85 Bars - Stand on your spot ( based on card u have )
Kakul starts doing emotes - if u see Kakul turning backwards to you do different emote then he did. If he is facing you do the same emote as he does

:clown_face: FOURTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 60 Bars - Same as 128 Stagger

:clown_face: FIFTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 48 Bars - Roulette - Boss is immune and there is Roulette around him he starts spinning it - Stand on your Spot based on the Card above your head - The Card above you changes every 1 spin . He does it 3 times total after the 3 rd one is finished - watch out because its gonna blow :smirk:

:clown_face: SIXTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 22 Bars - Same as 110 Clones

GATE 2 :monkey_face: Hp Potions, Sacred Charm, Holy Granade, Dark Granade, Timestop,
Purify RUNE - im not 100% sure if this works but i assume it does - Kakul stacks burn debuff which stacks for 40 seconds its not good to have alot of that, Cleanse works on this effect as far as i know

1 Pair ( 2 people left side ) 2 Pair ( 2 people right side ) for Card Maze
Gage works the same as in G1

:clown_face: FIRST MECHANIC :clown_face: 125 Bars - Giant Clown - Camera will zoom out and the bombs will spawn later -
Cards will spawn - u see the yellow lines coming from the boss its Medusa mechanic - dont look at him or u will get feared

:clown_face: SECOND MECHANIC :clown_face: 110 Bars - Safety Zones - Kakul will teleport to the center and the pattern will begin , The Medusa still continues
Blue - 1 person can be inside the circle to hide from AOE
Red - 2 players can be inside the circle to hide from AOE
One spot will be empty

:clown_face: THIRD MECHANIC :clown_face: 95 Bars
The same thing as 125 will happen - Small Clown is beneath one of the Cards - you have to find him - one person will be " Marked " by Big Clown this person has to stand on one of the cards so the boss will hit and flip the Cards
Tip : There will be 7 Cards in total - counting from left to right - hit the 2 Card so 1 and 3 will flip
Then hit the 6 Card so 5 and 7 will flip if small Clown is not beneath those he has to be on the 4 th Card - U have 3 hits only if u dont finish it in 3 hits its a wipe
When u find the small Clown after the hit from the hammer use Nineveh when he pops out - free damage

:clown_face: FOURTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 75 Bars - Small Clown will open a portal and the Card Maze begins - Ur party has 2 minutes 30 seconds to escape - Every player will have a hammer to solve the mechanic - The person Guiding the other will have his Camera Zoomed out - the other 3 have to find their designated mob and kill it

:clown_face: FIFTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 55 Bars - Boss will teleport to the Center and Velganos pizza will begin :smirk: - This mechanic always starts on 12 o clock - Stars will appear around the boss in the middle - that indicates in which direction the pizza will be
This can be Right Right Left for example - 2 rounds full right then left - U can use Azena and Inana on this Mechanic if u dont have faith everybody will do it well

:clown_face: SIXTH MECHANIC :clown_face: 25 Bars - its the same mech as 95 Bars :slight_smile:

I know its only G1 and G2 but thats all i got for now i will update the post when i learn and gather more info about G3

Edit : After clearing G1,2,3 twice on my main and alt i decided to update this post

So some G3 tips / tactics
Let the first and second Mario person get 50% or more gauge before 155 Bars
After the first Mario stop dps at 128 ish and wait for hp swap mechanic or if u have enaugh dps push him to 125 straight
Then burst the boss down to 90 to start the showtime

Before the Showtime ends let the 3 rd Mario player take 2 or 3 last hits from Showtime yellow mechanics while being outside Inanna so he gets 50% gauge or even more to be fast ready to enter at 80 for 3 rd Mario
After the third Mario goes in (me) im doing my stuff meanwhile 4 th Mario is getting Gauge on balls
While 4 mario is doing his stuff u gotta focus on saving the Iron Maiden
Let the first person in group numbers do the lower Lever and the player with i dunno number 3 or 4 do the higher Lever and dont get close to the other Lever to avoid being stunned

I know G3 is a PAIN for ALOOOT of people But its very doable it has tons of RNG where many things can and will go wrong many times probably
After u finish Mario 4 and the boss is near 20 hp bars u can use Inana again to reduce your Gage and reset one stack from the boss and heal yourself too

Bingo is a bingo there is no point to write anything about it here
Just use your brain on Bingo or use the website to avoid fails if u dont trust your brain power ability
Thats all wish yall good Clown farming
And yes i did spend more then 5 hours on Trixion to perform Mario 3 perfectly 95% of the time i finish it with no problems but there is still that 5% where everything is against you and u can die
There are many ways to make it easier i found few cheese tactics that make ur life easier :slight_smile:
If anybody wonders my main is at 1505 Wardancer and 1490 Scrapper alt


Yeah, lets wait until Kanima releases gate 3 xD. Also thank you by the way, I will work on one of those images so we can save it.

Only he does some detailed guides so ye i will probably watch him too since other guides are not even close to his

Don’t want to create a new topic just for this so reusing this thread, for those players who for some reason or another don’t want to use discord or other voice comms here’s a method of doing the card maze on G2.

All the watcher has to do is type the position based on a clocklike system, which is widely used in other raids, and a radius/ring system.

  • RED 12 OUT = Heart player goes to 12 oclock near the edge of the map
  • GREEN 12 MID = Clover player goes to 12oclock to the line before the edge
  • YEL 12 IN = Diamond player goes to 12 oclock to the 2nd line after center (because the one around center is never used and going through that one allows them to always see the target

I’ve tried this in several different lobbies during this afternoon and it works nicely as long the watcher is a fast typer, but it doesn’t solve the issue of being hit by Seto. :sweat_smile: .

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A lil update everyone :slight_smile:

Can someone explain the burn damage please, Maxroll only said to use Sacred Bomb and Sacred Charm, but what’s the difference so far I only use them when my bubble is on cd for G1 when ppl get stunned and G3, but someone got a lot to burn damage on G2 and I can’t find anywhere explain how they get it and stack or what? I mean if is a stacking debuff like the Valtan Bleed Slash, then should be clean asap, I would probably save a bubble for it and use the bomb for accident stunned, I don’t understand why G1 recommend Sacred Bomb but G3 is Sacred Charm? Sacred Charm the range is much shorter than Bombs.

Also, if G3 steps on the white skull none of those clean works right? The player must finish the space bar typing to get out of it.

Can someone have more details info for burns damage on Kakul which G and Sacred Bomb vs Sacred Charm, please?
I mean G3 seem to have no use of TS, might as well put both to it, if that makes sense.

Diff between Charm and Bomb i guess i u can throw the bomb without having to move near the guy that is CC’d
Burn damage stacks on G2 so u have to dispell it somehow panacea paladin dispell or purify
Burn on G1 and G3 does not stack and it just does alot of damage from 1 stack
There is no point to use time stop on G3 at all use anything else u want to

Thanks for the quick reply, no wonder I saw them didn’t get much hit from the boss on G2 but somehow hp suddenly was very low, Is the burn damage from the small clown drop those balls on the ground? I don’t remember too many things going on, and I usually walk far away from it, but teammates have to DPS sometimes seem can’t avoid it. So I guess for DPS G2 is better to have a panacea if they often get burned? :smiley:

I wonder if on G3 you might be able to timestop right after 2nd HP reversal to tank a few of the hits from the giant clown face, but it’s hard enough to slam a potion right then. The shield timing on paladin awakening is also really hard to get right, but can be useful to save HP pots.

On G3 if u play support always use awakening shield while your teammate is getting gauge for Mario entrance thats the most usefull thing u can do for him when he takes damage from turret

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