Kangelanium x Battle Items x Speed Run - Idea

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Just dropping this idea and coming back to my non social / gaming life… See you all around!

Be the change you want to see, warn-kick them if they don’t use battle items.

You literally can’t tell if people use them or not unless you’re staring at them lol

in the korean version they have battle items used in the chat box. We need that ASAP.


You can always use you cant force ppl to do anything :sunglasses: nobody have to obey you.

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Use Party Finder and specify that’s a requirement for you.
It can’t be a requirement for MM, and you have to deal with it.

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It’s not a requirement, but if you don’t want to use battle items I guess I won’t buff or heal then because it’s not a requirement right?

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As you wish mate, really

My comment didn’t tell that I didn’t use items though (I’m using flares and Pheros in some Kunges - no bombs as I have a heavy destruction kit so idc - and plenty of pots as I suck at avoiding non-lethal damage), just that you can’t have such requirement to matchmaking. Name & Shame is also not a solution.

And how would that work ? If some dudes have insane reflex and use Flares/Pheros in 10ms, you’re supposed to be the bad guy and deserve a kick ? Or do you have to throw a second flare/phero just so the other people see that you’ve tried at least ?

My point is : none of the Guardian need a battle item to be used to succeed, so that’s a requirement you can’t force upon matchmakers.
Also slight reminder that there is an achievement to not use any battle item, so I don’t see why you should be blamed for trying to do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just saying if someone doesn’t use battle items I’m just gonna song out. Just like how they don’t have to use a battle item I don’t have to run a guardian when people don’t use battle items.