Karta server issue

took me 10 minutes to get in the game, and once I’m in, I can’t switch between characters or join a raid cause it freezes the game.
I’ve been reading through general discussion and everyone seems to be having the same issue on Karta server.


I’ve had similar issues. I exited the game after failing 5 times to get to my stronghold and having awful load screen times. Then I couldn’t get back into the game. Just kept hanging up after I selected Karta server and eventually closing automatically.

I’ve given up for now, I shall have to find something else to do today.

Same here, really long load times. This happen last weekend after the Siege Event as well and same thing this week.

Same here. Took about 6 min to get from server select to character select then another 6 min to get from character select to the game world. Tried swapping to a character at a different location to see if just vern was busted and punika was taking just as long to load in to.

Yes, the load times is ridiculous. To swap from one place to the next using Triport it takes 3 to 5 minutes before it loads. I am on NA East Karta as well. Currently game is almost unplayable and if you are going to play plan on waiting a lot.

Bump for same.

I attempt to log in to Karta and it takes forever. Sometimes game just closes. Once I’m in, it hangs when I click “LAUNCH” on a character.

I am on Karta NA East also. I have never had issues in the past with this server, but today seems to be different. I did notice a “heavy-than-normal” activity message on the character selection screen, though I found it kind of odd since the server status was only listed as “good” like normal instead of “busy.” Regardless, my transition load times are longer than normal (~1 min. as opposed to ~30 sec.), but I am experiencing no freezing. I did, however, get denied entry once to Rielvarr Ruins for the Splitting the Sky quest after it tried to load. It told me, “A party member failed to enter. You will be moved to the entrance.” I am also seeing black load screens instead of image ones. Hope this helps you to resolve whatever is going on!

Takes about 3-5 minutes to zone into any instance. It’s pretty bad at this point.

Sorry guys, maybe someone from the team will take a glance at the forums today and see.

It appears to be steam not closing properly. I rebooted my computer and it resolved the load times. If you are having the load time issues reboot your pc to see if it resolves the issue.

My game simply started working normally again without any restart. Also, my computer had just been turned on when I had the issues, having sat turned off for ~12hrs.

Just to be clear for support when they read this. I am not talking about when you first go into the game and you have to wait for everything to load and it starts working correctly. I am referencing what others and including myself have experienced. When in the game no matter how long you are on there it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes to triport, swap to different characters, go into instances (if you can), anything that requires loading into. What I have noticed that the Lost Ark app in the task manager never ends like Steam isn’t closing it. I couldn’t end it through the task manager but had to reboot. Which seems to temporarily resolve the issue. Till you want to hop on and play again. If you are already working on this then please disregard.

Never mind it seems to be working now.

it’s back, server crashing again

Karta completely lagged out again, tons of issues and lag and black loading screens. Can’t get into Stronghold, can’t zone out, takes literal minutes to load into a chaos dungeon. 2days in a row during the weekend

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Yup, once again. Got a black screen while leaving a CD. Can’t log back in.

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Happaned to me yesterday as well… And it’s happening again now…

Bump. Same over here. Infinity black load screens…mega engaging

Taking about 4-5 minutes to zone into another area. Super slow loading times. Please fix servers

Same issue as above. That’s two days in a row.