Karta Should Be Allowed To Server Transfer

I’ve been talking with some of the people who are in the Karta server as well as myself…it seems like the Karta Server is taking the most severe hit that impacts our ability to play the game, let alone log in. I suspect bots (most likely its a bot issue), but if the Devs cant make Karta to where its playable for us to enjoy the game, they should give us the option to transfer our main characters/alt characters somewhere else.

Noted, this is just me posting my opinion, plz don’t post negativity or any hate.

Korea can transfere if they want

Well, that’s good for them…but I am referring to the residents of NAE Karta :confused:

just saying if they can… why NAE can’t? the game came from the same compagny

I agree on that standpoint, but wasn’t the game released years ago for Korea before other regions gained access to the game? It would make sense why they would get certain features before we do; the same reason why they are ahead of us in content as well while we are still playing “Catch Up”

technology doesn’t exist!!

The process isn’t automated, it’s manual and can only be done during maintenance in KR
KR is also only a single region whereas EU/NA is multiple regions which explains why you can’t move between

don’t expect transfers to be an offered thing imo it’s time consuming and manual and also keeping the whole region offline to move 1 person, yea that’s great customer service.

Server transfers do not currently exist in our version of the game.

for the content im ok with being behind them but for a tool like transfere caracter i don’t see the point to not just give it at the beginning

I believe KR only got server transfers recently. I remember the discussions when LA come out in the west and people mentioned that back then they did transfers only for one server and it was executed as a batch job by devs rather than how it works with other MMO’s like WoW.

some game you can move your account to another Region pretty sur they can make that happen without closing the enitre server

New World was able to do it & I would know it because I was able to transfer my max level character to a new server with the guild I ran with in the game during the time that it was possible.

New world is a completely different game on a completely different engine being developed by a completely different team.

Don’t assume that it’s as easy as drag and drop. If it were they probably would have monetized it by now.

so you just confirm amazon have the technology SG just need to barrow it for LA

LA come from SG … AGS work with them … they need to start helping each other for real

The tech has to be developed by SG. Server transfers are nothing else but DB data migration jobs/scripts. Every game has a different database structure. What works for NW would not work for LA.

ok but still the tech already exist for some other game so they can do it … it’s not impossible…

Yes, it’s not impossible.

nope, they even said themselves not that long ago, the whole region has to be down to transfer.

It isn’t a tool it’s a manual task/job, pick up files copy/paste repeat. Bear in mind they messed this up with the server merges as they managed to give EVERYONE an extra bi-frost key, meaning people that had only unlocked 1 out of 2 of them now have 2 of 2

apart from they do as they carried out “server transfers” to do the server merges.

They merged entire DBs en masse. This is not the same as splitting and individually moving single rosters.

Should they be able to do it? Yes. But they can’t and will not have the ability to do so without developing a system for it.

People have been asking for this system since the game launched.

Server transfer doesn’t solve the actual issue.
Even if you do server transfer into another server, the bot farms will just target every single including the one you moved to so you are faced with the same issue again.

EUC Asta experienced the lengthy black loading screens a week ago.
NAE Karta is now experiencing over these past 3 days.
All servers are a target and can experience these issues.

Roxx did mention an update was applied to EUC Asta so there is a band-aid fix to this issue, but AGS needs to apply this server update/upgrade to all servers otherwise bots will just attack another server and this shit repeats again but with different players.

What AGS needs to do is implement indefinite lockdowns of all servers. Then immediately issue out frequent ban waves to purge current active bot accounts and monitor sleeping bot accounts. Afterwards, rollback changes they did to the game to combat against bots. Then pour resources into developing an adaptable advance registration process that filters between new human players and new bot accounts. This technology exists and the precedents exist.