Karta Should Be Allowed To Server Transfer

You are assuming things, they never said it’s impossible they just said it’s not doable right now

they have a system for it, as previously said it’s manual.

It also transfers the whole roster only, you can’t do 1 character only it’s all or nothing and all the characters have to leave their currently guilds.

it’s a painstakingly shit process to carry it out which is why they don’t want to offer it to any region outside of KR

I am seeing that this a concerning problem, I’ll make sure the team is aware and escalate it to the teams that need to look into it. Apologies for the delay in this as this seems to have happened over the weekend.

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Again. This is incorrect. The KR client has a system for it. Are we using the KR client? No? Then we in fact, do not have a system in place to allow for this. More development will be needed to make it possible on our end.

Pretty sure it was only experimental in Korea and it happend only once afaik.

Unless i missed out on an episode or two.

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