Keep getting DCed from Server EUC

As title says, one time i DCed while I was doing Chaos and another while in Vern in the span of 20 minutes.


So yea. What is up with all the DC’s that are going on ? :slight_smile:

Confirmed, happened to me twice during the last 20 min too in EUC…

Rip Deskaluda…

2 times DC inside chaos dungeon ehh

EU server name Asta getting random DC

Well atleast you can log in and DC, I’m still waiting for a 2hour patch download :rofl:

Got dced twice with the following messages.



same here on slen

Quick tip… dont play on your main today until fix. go on your alt/alts…

Same, all my guildmates are constantly dcing, multiple of them lost their aura for chaos dungeon including me

by the time you have it down there a new one to fix this DC issues lol

Dont do any content with time gate or aura of resonance until AGS/SG patch it up.

This will last until they relase a patch for sure…

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Sad Story ;(

game crashed aftter killed deskulada… no loot… send it to me via post… thx asap… beta game

Come on guys, playing your main today is lame.

Today is DESTROYER day!!!


same, constant dc’s.

Well i logged in first and there was a Window to Choose 6 Characters i didn
t choosed any and went AFK when i came back i had DC. I logged back in and the Window is gone?? What was it?

Same issue here on Slen. Two disconnects. First in Nia Village with error code. Second in Chaos Dungeon with code [EAC Offline].

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