Keep receiving my Twich Drop again and again

Hi There,

I keep receiving my Crystalline Aura 5 Days and Battle Item Chest 3 Type Bundle even if i already had one.

It’s been 3 times. and Still have one available. I guess this is not what was intended.

Will not open more as I seems to be bug abuse.

Have a nice day


Hey, same with me. I think it’s Amazon Prime Gaming Gift…

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Same with me… i dont want to abuse the bug.

yep same for me opened it twice because i thought its server lag/rollback , turns out to be a bug

I even registered because of it :slight_smile:
Amazon, I’ve got my premium pack twice, what should I do? Put it in in-game storage for now.

I Also have this bug and i know how to replicate it i believe, i claimed the second one and didnt realise its a bug… i have my original one, and my second one claimed sitting in my storage and not being used, i also have my 3rd one sitting in my to claim area. please fix and dont ban :slight_smile:

this is also happening with my 100k silver box from twitch drops

same for me, is there a way to submit a ticket, I realized that it is a bug it after claiming it twice