Keep the servers clean of Queues

No matter what servers we choose there should be 1 simple rule we follow so the experience for everyone is great.:
After a server is full, everyone in the queue should just choose other server.
If your friends are in the full server and you are in the queue - both you and your friend should choose different server while it is still early and your friend is low level.

lets keep the servers clean so everyone enjoy the game.

While a lovely idea, and I appreciate the sentiment there are a few problems with this method.
Founder’s packs are non-transferrable across servers (which is technically not an actual problem since it is added content for ease), but a very real problem is that even with this idea being used, there are just too many players right now and not physically enough servers to host them all.
So if there are 50 servers at 20k per server that is 1,000,000 slots (and I am shooting high for arguments sake), that still leaves ~500k Founders PLUS all the F2P people (gonna soot low at 250k) that will be coming in. So if we re-distribute and assume that only half are playing, this comes to 250,000 people across the 50 servers in one region, which should be a queue time of 5,000 people per server.

I do truly wish it were that simple, and I love that you want everyone to have fun, but for now that solution just isn’t possible.

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the server cap is not 20k, it is around 80k per server. And they are adding a lot new servers now for the F2P players.
Also even on the soft release 3 days ago there were servers with 20k people in queue and in the same time there were 3 servers with no queue time at all

And i understand that the founder pack is big issue about the transfer, but F2P players wont have such problem.
Also AGS already said that there will be solution to reclaim the founder pack. so you can freely change the server

It is all up to us to not flood some servers and leave other servers empty. We can easily split among all servers and make the experience for everyone enjoyable

The only really bad que I found was on popular streamer servers. It is unavoidable for those servers to be overpopulated.

What frustrates me is names are saved across ALL servers in a region. I logged into regulus saved all my names at work. Came home to find a 5000+ que, so I switched servers. I was upset to find that ALL my names were saved so I had to figure something else out or wait through the que just to delete my characters. Frustrating!

well there is even bigger problem… even if you delete your characters from the full server the names wont be freed. and will still be unusable.
After some time (unidentified) AGS will manually clear taken names that belong to deleted characters

My names were freed to use instantly, I have reclaimed them since.

Created my Characters on the 8th at soon as the game launched. Deleted and remade them on the 9th no wait in-between.

lol really? I am 100% sure i read about what i wrote that names dont get freed even if you delete the character. Maybe i read some wrong information

Not sure, All I can tell you is the name Figg was on Regulus and is now on Kharmine. Same day within minutes no waiting. Same with 4 others.

I’ve seen a few people claim that it’s a 60 day cooldown once you reach level 11, but I haven’t tested it. Otherwise yeah, there’s absolutely no cooldown on deleting/remaking names if you haven’t actually played the character. I even deleted one who was midway through the prologue and was still able to reclaim the name.

Oh that would be a major difference then, none of my characters had made it passed the mastery selection. Created, customized and logged out before selecting class.

It is instant below 10, and 60 days after 11. See: Update to Character Name Deletion

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The longest I had to wait in queue was around 10min in Azena. 3k people in front of me at 8pm last night, I thought it moved pretty quick

And this has to do with class discussion… How?

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The problem is Amazon didn’t split servers by language speaking. So you don’t know the what kind of population there is on newly opened up servers.

And this has nothing to do with playing with friends. You could have only 3 friends but you’ll need a guild for end game content. For PvE or PvP. Because of this you don’t know if low populated servers will have enough players to create multiple strong guilds.

Amazon totally screwed up again. Server capacities not high enough and it is stupid idea to not to give servers pre-determined speaking language. That would clear some things up.

Also we need to know the each server capacity and the exact number of players in-game, not in que. I’m in que for Zinnervale which I created my char on day 1. And que started at 20.000+ at 14:00 today. I want to know how many people are in there so we can understand the way system works and change somethings like moving on with different servers. Why should I abandone the server I was playing because there is a que when I don’t know same thing won’t happen again in the new server in couple of days ? Should I move to 3rd server and start again ?

12:30PM UK time Neria… atm on 15500 i tryed other servers they are all full so even if switch u still have que time.

First thing they need to do is ban every account using the run skill in game to remain logged in AFK…

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I randomly choose Zinnervale at early access.
As fast i got the unpacking done it was 15k que and I told my friends this server aint gonna happen.

Found a low pop server…well now its damn same issue on the server we are on now.
+15k ques!