Keep up the good work!

After reading the roadmap, I am happy to say I think everything looks great. I hope the pressure of the vocal minority about class release is not too much for you guys, @Roxx.

I think the pacing has been more healthy and I’m excited to play against Vykas this coming month.

At the end of the day, the vast majority of the players upset about classes’ release have no clue how the class functions nor even understand if they will even like the class. Honestly, releasing classes in two-month intervals gives me and active players time to prepare for them!

For me, the biggest negative (most are too busy crying about classes they never tried before) is how the RNG skins are being handled. I hope that it’s reasonable to get the skins we like without destroying our pockets too much. NA/EU are great regions for bringing in cash, but I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get the cosmetics!


You don’t have any idea how wrong you are about classes and it’s obvious. People have played other versions of the game and want their mains. This class release schedule is unacceptable even IF you support Roxx.


I can answer why he is happy… probably a glaivier main… and

that counts for summoner as it was in beta?


Lol, I was writing basically the same post, but you were ahead of me.

While people disagree, I think devs had a lot of time for the decision on release of advanced classes. It’s better to have a slow and steady roadmaps and catch up on everything eventually, rather than dump everything with no time to fix issues just to please content hungry people.

Thank you CMs and devs for being transparent, and know that there are players who appreciate your work.


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yes they want us to catch up so lets make it faster? Huuu

How much do one need to make a class up to date with everything? Gems, ability stone, tripods lv 5, gear, relics?

I can see this is a bad thing, any one look at this as good surly have something wrong!

They are backstabbing there own players going back on there own word of one class a month!

“My class is already out and the time and money i put into it will keep going”

Thats all i get from this post lmao

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

If you get one like on your post, I will be surprised the new roadmap is a joke and should be re looked at absolute disgrace waste of money and time if it is not fixed and changed, I am done fr I don’t care

  1. new classes every two months NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS


they don’t listen and take nothing in from the player base absolute bs

transparent? you delusional … we still dont have a reason why summoner was delayed… you can look for it if you want… we only have a message that says " it pertakes to lost ark globally so we cant share" thats all

Hahahahah 10/10

You are more delusional than these people still supporting Amber Heard lol


I’m a paladin, but I have eight alts, one of which is Glavier.I play and enjoy Lost Ark with or without a class. Sorceresses fit the play style of NA or EU better than summoners. Anyone who has played mmos in this region for the last 20 years knows that a more traditional caster fits the region better than a summoner/caster hybrid. There’s no flame, but there’s a reason they make the decisions rather than you, Lhamia.

well I just want to know that (several slurs) reason, that they refuse to give us… a solid explanation woudl actually satisfy me…not a pr bs and a “cant talk cause of KR” I mained summone rin beta, so having to wait a damm year before its released its not good in whatever world you could be.

The vocal minority disagrees with you, so keep that in mind. For any practical player, the amount of content and class release rate is great. If they had released destroyer before the class balance patch, that class would be in a poor state, but players don’t understand this. They want what they want without putting too much thought into what releasing all classes means.

It’s pretty sad, but I hope they don’t crack under pressure from the vocal minority.

Tbh that’s clear about summoner.

Mage class as they said is very popular on West while summoner was very similar with a different flavor. I have played summoner on RU, and she feels like 80% of the sorc who got “Phoenix” skin for fireball etc.

Now I would actually expect that she’ll be back soon, as seeing far less popular arcana instead of scouter or assassin tells me we should get original release classes earlier than the newer ones.

So yeah, tldr: mage is popular and simple to understand, that was told in January by CMs, and summoner plays similar to sorc.

I totally agree with ya!

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Vocal minority is the forum. And I have never cared about them neither here, nor in all the other communities.

And I totally understand that AGS and SG actually made a risky move they know there will be a backlash from bunch of people. But from what I can see, they don’t have enough resources to pump us with content. GvG and Valtan was like 2 weeks ago, and we still get bugs unsolved, GvG just doesn’t work entirely in some regions.

As a dev myself I know that only means one thing: lack of resources/time. Probably already trying to assemble critical pieces for vykas and other updates while maintaining multiple regions.

As long as they state decently enough what’s the plan and support the product, everyone will be happier in a long run. All the criers will be back to fortnite anyways(not an insult, but those guys know how to pump content fast).

MMO shouldn’t be day/month 1 thing. It’s something that is a money bringer for years. Don’t be greedy on launch, let it grow, be it completely new, or new on a region.


I get it but …remember no man sky…It was promised something …it ended being another thing…even if they got up to that place…the bad rep and fame stuck… and not every game is like FFXIV that can rise from the ashes, a decision that its known to be hated should com e with a proper explanation not something that stinks of PR… and Im fine with getting raids and such at a lower pace, but…not classes …

No man’s sky is a good game now) the whole story there was a rushed project and marketing being greedy from publisher.

I get that people might be sad with classes being delayed, but again, they are a good way for advertising the game, getting more people and giving them too early would probably loose them a lot in longer run.

I am planning to main artist, but meanwhile I enjoy my gunlancer and alts, as she won’t be here for a long time. Just try something else, you might love it more. Or take a break from this game and come later! You won’t miss much, don’t have FOMO. Most of the content will be there, with mains and alts, and it’s always possible to catch up.

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This guy… what a meme