Keep Welcome Challanges

I don’t really understand why you’d remove them. Right now the individual servers lack players, some quit, some take a break and bots got banned. Shouldn’t the goal be to encourage new players to play the game? Or will there be new welcome challenges coming?


Because Welcome Challenges were “tested” on EU/NA and have since been repackaged and updated for a wider release elsewhere.
By repackaged I mean fine tuned, adjusted and then are due to release into the KR market shortly.

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Yup, confirming we’ll replace it with a new set of challenges for players to accomplish :smiley:


awesome, thanks for the info. I don’t feel so pressured to finish it off now.

and ty for posting this. i just figured it would be over and that would be that. glad to see it’s not so.

Can you adjust them this time so low pop servers don’t get stuck with challenges impossible to complete and also have better translation/localization?

I never will complete the North Vern Chaos Gate challenge (“Swelling Darkness” which is actually “Twisting Darkness” in game) since Chaos Gates scale your level and no one does the 302 ones.

Will they be retroactively completed? As in, if I’ve already completed the objectives before it’s released, will I be able to instantly claim the rewards on the 20th?