Keep your class release cadence

Speeding up release of old class wont do much for the game

Only class at this point that will make difference would be artist (additional support released prior to brelshaza may fix support issue) but since thats not going to happen after the scout release october-november is pretty much July-august with less people due to holiday and yearend stuff


too late for that anyway, especially when releasing scouter after 2 months of arcanist with no powerpass, hyperexpress or ark pass.


or just give us the 3 remaining classes every other server has in the 3 remaining months of the year :smiley:


They’re going to release some kind of event with the Machinist. It’s literally on the teaser page that was put up yesterday.

Edit: Added screenshot

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i read that, but doesn’t measure up to a powerpass or a hyperexpress. and why is it worded like that “some progression event” when we are literally one week away… no info, no promo, one must be super excited and hyped for that some sort of “event”.


I just wish they would surprise us with a double release with Reaper and Summoner in November as a early christmas present for players that wait for them, enduring so long to play their desired class and also to start of the new year with a “New” base class category with artist.

Would kinda fit also how Artist got released in january 2022 in KR and we get it one year later Global.


“will we be getting express/power pass with scouter?”
“haha, guess what?”


You don’t need to guess because they’ve stated multiple times before there won’t be.

Not sure why people keep asking.

i wonder if you even know how to read.

“no plans to release an event/powerpass”
“We’re looking into some special progression events to help players level up”

somehow with one statement you were wrong twice, and now you know why people keep asking

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AGS has stated there won’t be class release after scouter until November

When machinist gets release on 9/28/22 until brelshaza release in late November only patch update probably happening would be additional QoL and balance patch without additional class release prior to November.

Which is what happened in July-August after Arcanist release.

What do you mean it wont do anything for the game? two of my friends dont want to play because the classes that they wanted to play from launch weren’t present on launch. I’m sure there’s a lot more people with that mindset, AGS fucked up.

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Who cares, who plans to play a game around content that isn’t in the game? The problem is the western mentality. “If others have something I should have it too, and I want it right now.” That isn’t true in any way shape or form, and stop being an entitled brat. How can you main a class that isn’t even in the game. Please explain this to me. The only reason this is even a conversation is the fact that SG didn’t release the game worldwide immediately. I’m gonna be honest, I had no idea what content was in KR when I started playing, and now that I do, I just plan my progression around what is likely to come, using roadmaps to see what is the deadline for a certain Ilvl, and roadmaps to see what class is coming next. You know, treating this like its own game which it is. I don’t care what KR has, we will get to that content.

It is incredibly nice however to know what the requirements are for upcoming raids months in advance so I can prepare accordingly, but as far as classes are concerned they come when they come, once every 2 months, a powerpass every 4 months. This is the decision they have made, they said they are sticking with it, time to grow up and accept that you don’t always get what you want.


Heres your punika growth pack. Good luck

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Release support, not change ANYTHING about lak of supports.

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Like AGS said it’s their way of “catching up” w/ other regions by releasing a 1 class every 2 months. I wonder how lucky can you get when your favorite class will be the last one to be released? maybe hopium for next year.

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It kinda sux for artillerist. Weve known for 2 months+ that dual class engraving is dead. We got last balance patch like 2 weeks behind korea. We have one of the legion raids about to release, and still no info on when the balance changes will come.

Smilegate has even said they plan to get balance/qol changes to all regions asap.

All i want is some communication of what the plans are for these very important changes.

This is literally the only thing in the game atm worth complaining about. A major change to a class that leaves a class engraving dead, with no information. All this crap about pheons and class release cadence drowns it out despite having clear and concrete answers not only from SG but AGS about these topics.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox The Artillerist changes seriously need to have a concrete date assigned to them. I feel really bad for anyone playing the class under firepower enhancement with no idea when to switch.

I would be on the same boat but yea i waited to long for this game to come out global (5 years) then played at RU launch few months and played again when finally the nostalgic gameplay of an assassin got released in RU. (Reaper)

But i still kept playing but not really to fully “enjoy” my time more like working to gather mats/gold around to push my Reaper in one day lol…yep sad life but i cant afford to stop playing just because of a class because i cant afford to spend money to buy gold and lvl it up.

Only thing im upset is how Lost Ark treats the gearing/alt system thats it impossible for me to lvl up more of the same class.
Now i have 6 different classes all over 1430+…if my reaper was on launch i wanted to create 3 reapers/3 strikers and ride along till the end.

They need to hand out class change coupons or something and none would of been so pissed about the slow releases of classes.

I Believe KR once did a event where you can change one class to another, we need more of that for such a alt heavy game and where its hard to switch up mains because of the gearing system.

its probably a story express or they are talking about the new event that replaces Maharaka, i dont get why they are sitting being cryptic about what it is besides the fact its probably not a power pass or an express.

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