Keep your class release cadence

Tbh I’d take a buffed Naruni event instead of guardian and maharaka

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get the degree, no job openings in the country. What are you influencing now.?
Just move to korea or russia?

There are jobs open for every position. It is up to you to find it. You know when you pick a field whether it is going to work out. Maybe try not going for art or music degrees?

There’s summoner jobs in other mmos, it’s up to you to find it. Why pick summoner as a class without knowing if you’ll like it? Maybe try deathblade or berzerker

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Apples to oranges. Make any argument you want, wanting something that literally doesn’t exist is downright stupid.

I find it funny that you keep playing it off like classes that are being held hostage doesn’t exist and needs to be coded from scratch. Also they are definitely holding them back because of practical reasons, not financial greed.
I guess you got some white knight genes in you or something.
Whatever floats your boat I guess.

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It doesn’t exist in our region, it doesn’t matter if it exists in another region, our game is our game, maybe you need to take a step back and stop complaining about things that have concrete answers already.

That was quite the wall of text just cause i said people dont want to play the classes that are currently out. The fact is that classes that are not out yet will be behind, or players will be forced to play repetitive content with classes they dont enjoy just in hopes that when the class they wanted to play will release months down the road and they will have mats prepared for it. Game lost players because of the class release cadence and will probably not get them back

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“I’m happy so others who aren’t should stop striving for happiness”


Agreed, i miss the weekly legendary packs as well D:

And the racing was super fun

ew another loli enjoyer


Get it right.

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Knowing AGS and Smilegate it’s going to be kill chickens for a chance of a drop that has a random chance of giving you extra honing mats.

Yeah, i didnt mind the “every 2 hour” thing as some were either. All around a perfect event.

Is this the hyped market?


I think so, as you can see, super hyped lol


Would be quite something something if for the holidays they dropped both Reaper + Summoner.

That would also bump Artist up on the list to be released sooner although I wish I could play her on NA/EU right now.

My Bard is 1504 and I am just stacking money for the foreseeable future.