Keep your class release cadence

I’d bet most of the player loss is because far too many ppl went for the uber optimised way (learned from KOR and RU release), not because of the class release.
Sure, having 5 alts at raid level helps a lot with your progression, but I’m pretty confident about the fact that AGS did not forsee so many players industrialising their progression.
Results :

  • too many players are already far above expected gear level and are able to clean new content hard mode the day it’s implemented, then get bored.
  • those who played the game at a more ‘normal’ pace are getting crushed by the first category :
    • everything is more expensive than it’s supposed to be
    • raid are getting harder and harder to get in (checked last night, 90% of vykas NM groups I saw either requested title or asked for payment to be carried) → those who cleaned their first vykas a couple weeks after release and maybe missed one week or two because of vacation AND only have one char at that level won’t have the title. It’s not hard to imagine ppl giving up with those playing conditions.

To add on that, that global rush attitude was probably what brought so many gold farming bots into the game and ruined the slowest players experience (between the gigachads who needed to go as fast as possible and the more chill paced who suffered from the price skyrocketting, the market was there)


Really hanging out for artist release!

It’s all good. Just play at your own pace. The raids aren’t going away and will still be there when you get there.

It’s not about the raid going away, it’s about the conditions you can do those !
(but I’m digressing from the initial subject, so let’s stop there)

Or you can go out and find it and make it work. Degrees(unless required) are less helpful than the connections you can make while obtaining that degree.

Again with cadence
Loas favourite word

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don’t worry the support problem is almost fixed
the less players the less supports needed xD


At this point, they definitely can keep their garbo class release cadence. I’m done hoarding saving mats/resource/gold for months. Proceed by getting fuk by this hyper inflation market price, so I won’t be able to gear up this class I really want to play anytime soon just because it wasn’t released along side the other available class from the start. Hype my ass. Even if I can hone to legion raid ready, it will be sitting in shitty gear and accessories from a long time.

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