Kept on autopaused at download, cant progress

The update kept on getting paused at 51.84mb, tried pressing resume but it just paused again. Been trying to resume for past 2 hours but same thing auto paused again cant progress to play.

Can someone help me how to fix this???

You can try switching your steam download region. Click steam in the top left Steam > Downloads > Download Region

Also in that same menu you can try clearing your download cache.

It says missing file privileges

Try right clicking Lost Ark in your library and go to properties > local files > verify integrity of game files. If that does not work you can try following this video for a few more fixes on this.


Fixed thanks so much, but just to note have to also restart the computer as well. Restarting steam alone isnt enough.

Hi @tran_fantasion

Hope you doing great!

Thank you so much @omg to share these troubleshooting steps to fix the issue we really appreciate it

I glad that the issue is fixed and you can play again!

See you in Arkesia! :wolf: