Keyboard sequence and controller


With Vykas coming soon, it would be great to have the keyboard input sequence fixed when playing with a controller. Having done Oreha abyss dungeon recently, I can confirm that the issue about the sequence displaying only “Q” during the input sequence is still there.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

Hello @Ewin, welcome to our community!

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this problem. From what you describe in your post this seems to be a bug, please create a post it in Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums so it can get the correct attention! :smiley:

Use that section to report any bugs or vulnerabilities in the game you find and use the following template:

  • Character name:
  • Problem that occurred:
  • Time and date:
  • World/Server:
  • Location where the problem occurred:
  • Any action that can be taken to reproduce the problem:

Thank you very much!