Keyword "GM" and capitalization in character names

During the beta, I ran through the issue of my chosen character name not being allowed as it had the keyword “GM” in it. However, it was placed in the middle like MaGMa. I see how it could be a problem if it was used in the beginning of the name but it removes possibilities for names like Magma or a different name I plan on using but wont mention, as to save it for myself.

Also, I don’t understand why we can’t have multiple capital letters on our names… what if you would like to name characters in a similar manner such as “MagmaGS” or “MagmaBM” to signify the class that you are playing… or clan tags that people are used to using in other MMOs.

Note: Sorry, for some reason I am not allowed to post under Game Feedback and if moderators feel it doesn’t belong under General Discussion, could you please move it instead of deleting it. Thank you.

Are there any moderators here with knowledge on this? Hopefully I am able to use the name “Magma” or something similar because that seems like a pre-historic name filtering.

Hopefully, they also take this “GM” keyword into consideration… :confused:

The limitation on capitalization is also annoying…
Makes TheChosenOne for example look like TheChosenone.
There’s also players who want their name a certain acronym/abbreviation of their name.

Welp… hopefully they do the right thing as this game has been the most fun I’ve had in years and it would be so disappointing if they can’t even have a modern character name customization :frowning: