Kharmine character resoration

Hi, I’d like a restoration on my tier 1 soulfist in the karhmine NA East server, my main character is Daaaaaaw 1482 striker

Hello @Daw

I hope you are doing great.

I found a deleted Soulfist character named “Daaaw” on the Kharmine server that was deleted on March, 2022.

Please confirm that this is the character that you want me to restore and make sure that you have an empty character slot that we can use to restore it for you. I also request you to log out of the game while I do that.

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes that is the correct character. I will log off soon

Ok i’m off the game

Thanks a lot for your response @Daw

I have successfully restored the Soulfist character named “Daaaw” for you. Please relaunch the game and check if it’s there.

Have a great day ahead. :slightly_smiling_face: