Kick vote feature being used to bully

As the topic says, the kick vote feature is being used to aggressively bully players and kick them. This feature needs to be removed so players from the same realm can’t get their kicks by kicking party members 30seconds before finishing content. Then they get the 10minute ban.

Absolutely disgraceful that a feature like this is in a game that had such a known toxic community.

At the minumum an option to report the 3 people kicking someone should be put in with a chat investigation leading to at minimum a 2wk ban.

Yea, it’s probably better people just spam “end raid” or swap characters to leave the content. :joy:

Peanut got kicked, perma ban for everyone. That’s what they deserve!

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If you submit a report they do investigate these issues. Especially if they waited until the last minute. Text book case of griefing there. Generally they hand out warnings in the form of a popup informing the offender that they violated the code of conduct, though I have never seen one of these and I think in most cases they usually just suspend the account for 24 hours… escalating from there if they continue. Sadly with recent updates odds are people will run into this more often now - especially if you don’t use battle items in guardian raids(Or the correct items). In any case submit a report and let AGS decide what to do with it.