Kick while in Abyss Dng now Char. got Bugged GOx9-SPELPWP1P2PT

Haii there i got a kick while i was in Abyss Dng. not only me seems like all got a Lagg. Now i cant join with my Char into the game. When i try to join with other Chars. it works but not with the Char i was in the Dng. Always got the Error: ( German) Konnte keine Verbindung zum Spiel herstellen (Could not connect to game ) (error code: GOx9-SPELPWP1P2PT )

Charname: Feedri
Server: Punika

Same to me bro, i saw we need to write our char name and server so they can move it…

My character name is: Magneta my server: Vern, South América

thanks and gl


My Char got Fixxed now. But now im full of limit from Abyss Dng… i not even had the first boss down