Kicked after 6k queue

like the title says, 6k queue, got in after few hours, clicked my mount, and Dced from server, now in a 12k queue, how is this going to be fixed???

Probably with the provider of the internet connection.

I call this BS xD if you DCed you have 15min or so period to get back in

no other interuption to my network, watching streams just fine and fairly fast connection, and no 15mins reconnect gived, i was in game for aprox 2mins total, DCing to desktop means straight back to the queue

Ouch - sorry this happened to you.

Is this really true?
But only if you have dc because i leaved the queue manually and joined and i got at last place (from 6k to 23k) a few days ago

Wrong, you dont have a 15 min window to get back in.

This has happened to me several times now… booted out of the game due to a crash and kicked from the queue then put into the queue when loading straight back in…

Dunno where you get your info from lol

Happened to me plenty of times in last few days. Router reseted. after logging back in skipped queue and straight to character sellect

this is the only time iv seen this mentioned, can yo point at any official take on it?

Easy solution, dont click the mount next time

Not for me, ive never got straight back in, not on the EU servers…

Depends on what server you are on as well, if your on a US server then you’re gonna get straight back in lol!

As far as i was aware, there is no grace period implementation for disconnect/crash.

@helecro As for just blatently calling BS on someone’s post in ya first message instead of just saying you’d not had that… kinda rude imo, someone has a genuine issue and you jump straight in with your own bs comment and nastiness…