Kicked for maintenance

So I didn’t notice there was a maintenance right now and I was playing normally doing my daily chaos runs, and I got kicked right after entering a golden portal, did I just lose it or can I get some kind of refund?

you most likely losed it. Theres no refund because a server message was like 1 hour before that server maintenance will be now.

you didnt notice becouse it didnt tell it to you if you are in instance :slight_smile:

unfortunately, if you killed him, yes. That counted as your first clear, and you will lose that clear chest.

While i feel for you, you had plenty of notice, not to go in, as guardians take at most 20 minutes, and it was posted almost an entire hour prior in-game under your chat in the lower left corner.

Umm… you do realize that the server maintenance was announced 25 minutes before?
Also no countdown or any sort of timer announcement was made, like in any MMO everywhere. Hell even Path of Exile has it and it’s not an MMO.

Well, I was not playing in time the maint was announced, just logged in, started chaos and got kicked, how would i know there was a hotfix rn? I got no messages, no popups, nothing. So i assume I have to come here to the forums before playing every single time?

For now… try Discord. Lost Ark discord server announcement channel. You can mute all channels except the announcement channel.

Your ingame server might have a discord as well - for example Thirain has a Discord Server.

i had an countdown. It was 1minute before and it got ingame announced like you said 25 min before. Why would you risk your chaos dungeon entry by going in when you know in like 20-25 min are servers are going down ?

Are you really asking for a refund for a gold portal… this is it guys the winner for the entitlement award.

sherlock holmes has a question y’all. Its super important as the answer isnt already hella obvious. Its like u people are staving for attention

Edit: every read that parable called the wheat and the tares? Everyone here except me is a tare playing pretend masquerading as a person

Same here , after the maintenance i lost my run

I mean, i knew the moment I logged in, which was about 20 minutes before it happened… its literally right there, below your chat box on the lower left. It cant be any more obvious.

As for you not finding it on their twitter, i call bs, as we have their announcements sent to our discord, and it was posted almost an hour prior. Plenty of time to plan around. This is a you problem, not a them problem.