Kicked from Abyss dungeon and lost weekly entry

Heya! I’m on EU, and I tried queueing for the first abyssal dungeon in Gate of Paradise (I forgot its name). I’m sure everyone knows that on EU the queue system isn’t exactly great, especially during prime time when it sometimes refuses to straight up work. Either way, I somehow managed to get in, only to get instantly kicked from the dungeon after the dungeon loading screen. While trying to get back in again, I noticed that my weekly run got consumed.

I’m making this post because I saw another post of someone talking about it, and they said that they got a ticket or something in the mail to give them back their weekly attempt.

Clip of me getting booted from the dungeon and losing the attempt (I’ll put it in brackets so it’s a hyperlink because idk how good the forums play with twitch clips):


Link to the post which states that they got the ticket thing in mail:

Any kind of feedback would be super helpful, especially since I tried sending in a ticket directly, and that kinda brought me nowhere, seeing as the person I got the reply from said that they literally can’t do anything about it atm. I’d really prefer if one of those tickets could be sent though…

+1, got kicked out of Sea of Indolence, so now my entry is consumed, but I can’t progress any further for 7 days since I didn’t “clear” it…

am on EU Kadan under the name Shirobaka

Well …same thing happend to me today,now i`m locked out of progression for another 5 days

Character : Asterics
Region : EU Central
Server : Thirain
Instance : Sea of Indolance
Date : 18-02-2022

just had the same issue. joined w/ a friend, immediately kicked out and unable to queue or progress further. worse part is i spoke w/ ags support and they told me im sol.

Server: Una
Character: Paraduck
Abyss Dungeon: Tranquil Krakosa

same thing happened to me today got inside instantly kicked out and now cant progress Abyss Dungeon

Region: EU Central
Server: Kadan
Instance: Tranquil Karkosa

Same thing here. Queued for Sea of Indolence, got in and immediately got kicked out and had the “weekly entry count exceeded” message. Really sucks since it means I’m just locked out of doing anymore abyss dungeons now. Please help.

Region: EU Central
Server: Calvasus
Character: Paperw
Instance: Sea of Indolence

[Sea of Indolence] Happened to me aswell, I just got in and it immadiately kicked me out and i lost my weekly entry and im looked out of doing more abyssdungeons. Please can we get a refund of that entry.
Region: EU Central
Server: Antares
Character: Shrekpacito
Instance: Sea of Indolence

Same issue i lose my weekly entry for Sea of Indolence and i cant do next two dungeon because i have to clear Sea of Indolence first pls need ticket or something
Nick: Jahrakal