Kicked from Queue

So far everyday ive had to ask my wife to login to my account to put me in the 12k+ queues on Thirain server just so i might get a few hours a day playing the game.

Every single time i start at the 10k+ mark and multiple times im being kicked from the queue for “connecting” issues when my internet, connection and everything else is working perfectly fine.

To then be thrown back to the end of the queue and waiting upwards of 5 hours just get into the game.

Is there no way to possibly have a grace period on disconnections while in the queue, this is highly frustrating.

I was kicked out of the queue for the first time today. I know how it feels, this is a complete botched job.

Its really annoying as i try and get her to get me in the queue around 1-2pm so by time i get home from work im “hopefully” down to 1-2k maybe less in queue so i can atleast get decent hours on the game.

But this disconnections really make it hard to play and dent the progress.

@Roxx Any chance of an update on if there will be a grace period added to those disconnections while in queue?

There is a grace period as far as I’m aware, I’ve crashed before and been able to get back in queue, I’ve also disconnected while playing and been able to get back into the game instantly.

Why you weren’t able to, I’m not sure, maybe depends on the reason why you were disconnected?

Cannot say i have ever had this pleasure of meeting this grace period… still unsure on the disconnections.

Hope its something that gets sorted, or atleast the queues themselves.