Kicked from Shadow Ghost Ship - bug?

Server: Karta

Hello, I entered the Shadow Ghost Ship 3/2 3am. The boss was down to 4 hp bars left and was still 4-5 minutes from going berserk. I have over 200 plumes currently and had only died 3-4 times. When I died again and selected to use another plume my game froze for a second and I was kicked out instead and back in my ship outside the ghost ship. This was my first time doing one and now I’m locked out for a week. I don’t care about the rewards and am willing to forgo them I just want to do the content. Is there any way support can help out with this?

Hello @Pitou ,

Greetings! :handshake:

I am sorry to know that you lost out on the weekly pass for Shadow Ghost Ship, as your game froze.

I request you to kindly check your in game mail after a few hours and perform a steam integrity check .

If still it stays the same , contact support live to raise a ticket or check for options-

I would also like to assure that that a dedicated team is working on similar issues to provide a fix in game at the earliest.

Thank you!

See you in Arkesia! :sunflower: :magic_wand: