Kicking system in raids

ppl kicked me in raid bcs i didnt use an item. i wonder am i obligate to use any item?
People are abusing the warning and kick system to force players to use phero bombs on matchmaking.

You are not supposed to be obligated to use anything in matchmaking. If people want to be optimal and save 30s of a guardian kill they can make their own premade or just click enter instead of clicking on matchmaking.

In the end I’m the one that gets a time penalty for their system abuse.
and i lost my 2 raid souls and got 10mins penalty for raid… im reporting them for gameplay hindrance but i know they will not get any penalty like me…


you are not obligated to use an item

however they are free to decide by majority vote if they want to have you in their group or not, if you dont use any items you are likely to give them a reason to not want you with them and then kick you


check it :slight_smile:

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the system is designed so people can decide by majority to kick someone, that is literally what is happening in your case, reports of this type will lead to nothing, especially not if the 3 other players are not pre-made

majority not true, just rules are true

also i mean if they kicking me why am i losing raid souls?

The system is designed so that three can kick for any reason or no reason. Recommended to go in with three and then kick for whatever reason you like. Or at least go in with two to prevent being kicked.

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open a ticket to report the 3 players, thats what amazon employe on support told me to do, cause they abuse the system and this is unvalid reason to kick someone

That won’t work. First, CM here already stated you can’t be banned for using in-game system. Second, there’s no way for the evaluator of the report to know the intention of the kickers. They can’t read their minds. So all kicks must be deemed valid. That’s the system.

they can just read raid chat, and i send it to them also and there is no solution. i dont care they will get any penalty i just want my raid souls.
and its reply from amazon “I am sorry to hear about missing out the rewards and getting kicked out of the raid. And upon checking, it is not possible for us to restore the items.”…

i think amazon employe in the support team knows better the subject, also people almost alwyas write in chat, “cheap doesnt use anything, kick him”. So stop talkin like u know better than the amazon team

And btw, the support said, a team can watch the replay of that moment and look if i deserved a valid kick

Sorry to be opposed on your opinion but people follow raid etiquette’s so you either start working on doing the same imo

maybe i want to walk around raid map? and i want to sea everywhere i like this gameplay. and there is rules and ppl abusing it. also if u right about that we should kick who is not 5+1 and gain 2sec more

Lmao no way they record every single raid like a stream or something. Maybe text chat but that’s about it. I know more because not one person has ever complained about being banned for kicking. I also know more because it is simply not possible to determine a person’s intent. Why is a good kick and what is a bad kick? So yeah I know better.

So kick for any reason or no reason. There will be no punishment. Great system isn’t it?

its very annoying system and i will not play this game anymore, bcs a system that doesn’t respect my style of play

i dont know what’s your problem with using battle items i have 8 characters that are doing raids using also battle items on guardians and still have 200+ boxes for nades and utility, do you want to stack them for Lost Ark 2.0?

That’s kinda troll. That’s almost the same as afking in your party and saying “yeah I wanna not contribute to the battle for a bit because I wanna go out and explore”. That justifies a kick. HOWEVER, I agree with your stance on not using battle items. Anybody who justifies kicking for not using battle items in MATCHMAKING are stupid. That’s literally the same as the ilvl argument. For example 1475 people kicking the 1415 person in a 1415 raid. If the raid has already been cleared, why does it matter? People who are salty and kick others for not using battle items are just on a vendetta at that point.

if this is gonna make you quit then i have nothing to say , u know u can always enter solo , when u play with other players u opt in to cooperate with others to do the instance and not using battle items is seen as such by most players , so if you are not willing to cooperate u can always go solo or even use party finder for a no battle items group

Imho, those who kick others for not using battle items, especially if it’s in raids or dungeons that doesn’t require everybody to use them, just screams toxicity and elitism. Nothing else. The average casual player would not care whether or not others are using their items. They’ll just care whether or not their entire party is doing enough DPS and not dying to the same mechanics over and over again. That’s literally it. As long as you’re not afking, inting, or trolling the raid in general, and is at least contributing to the party, I don’t see a reason to kick. Especially if the raid has already been cleared anyway.

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there is already pties with who wants to use items in party finder. so im using matchmaking