Killed Valtan, *accidentally*

Here’s the little story for ya;
I’ve postponed Valtan for the whole summer cause I was really busy and the guide vid was 30min long, which kinda creeped me out
But I’ve said 2 myself, cmon, let’s at least kill Wolf so you know what you’ll be doing next week at least there.
So I’ve watched several guides, made a cheat sheet and was very careful in the fight. Everything went well, even faster than anticipated, we didn’t eat any marbles but used up the heroes there and Wolf was dead in no time, I’ve drank 2 potions, maybe 3, bard was awesome and I even got a place in MVP screen. Noice!

  1. Now comes the crazy part, those madlads went straight for Valtan, whoa, hol up, I thought we were doing P1 ??!! Nope, I had zero preparation and knowledge and I was just doing, running and hiding where everybody went and I survived up to 25 health or such of phase 1, which was monumental success! Also, shows the power of awakened We’ll meet again set for zerkers. I missed wipe mech twice (after spears that fall from sky) and survived both nukes at 1% of health!

Conclusion: I had Chad team for sure but nobody was overleveled. Valtan is not that scary as I’ve originally thought. I even think Argos might be more punishing /annoying.

So … of to crafting my Demon beast armor parts I guess : )


Gratz on your success, Vykas is next now !

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Argos is def a shit fight. No fun just dog shit everywhere. Clearly devs did better with legion raids.


i think you will soon realize that legion raids are not as scary as other people make them out to be

maybe kouku is a bit daunting because you likely never had to dodge that many things at the same time (yellow rings in vykas can’t really compare) but all it takes to be successful in normal/hard raids is to dodge then apply damage when you are safe. sure maybe some patterns take some time to learn and master but in the end once you learn it it’s easy


Then they went backwards with Vykas and just threw in a ton of garbage one shot mechanics.


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I’ve done Valtan a few times right now, and sad to say for me I have yet to make it to the ghost phase alive

Half the deaths were my fault

Half were because of other players (cone of death on stone + fudging timestop -.-)

My goal right now is to make it to ghost phase alive and I think I’ll cry when I do

Congrats on your clear! It gets easier from here!

Also too G1 Vykas is a hella fun fight, G2 can suck a walnut, no G3 yet though lol

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are you me? literally the exact same thing happened to me today. Decided 2 weeks ago to finally push a character to valtan to see if it was worth it or not to leave the 1370 gold farming fiesta and comfort of easily joining and clearing abyss dungeons.

Spent all day studying the phase 1 mechanics and felt prepared, so i found a party that said ‘Phase 1: wolf clear’. I join the party, we kick ass. I even get MVP. Then immediately they all start running for valtan. At this point im shitting my pants because I didnt have time to study his mechanics yet. So Im trying to pay attention and study a video on youtube while theyre all bum rushing to valtan through the mobs. Basically everything the guy was saying in the video was going in one ear and out the other because my attention was on the screen. Ended up just saying fuck it and tried to copy what others were doing. Made it to the cone phase and got trapped with literally everything on cooldown, so there was nothing i could do to avoid it at all. Welp, we ended up getting the clear anyways and I realized its not even nearly as bad as it seemed. Cant wait to give it another shot next week.