Kind of a small deal, but annoying. Multiple pets from founders

So its a small deal, but im minorly OCD. The new complimentary founders packs allowed me to get a second Lizbet cat, and it registered as a different animal on my pet tab. So now i have 2 Lizbets. Any way to release this pet or remove it?


Same for me. I havent tried to rename one, have you?


Might want to delete that post there Feimurgan. seems like it was meant for a totally different thread

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How the f o.0 Thanks did it. Fun fact: the Thread I actually intended to post it to is gone o.0

LOL so you saying the forums are buggy now too :smiley:

At least for me they were, this post wasn’t seen either, found it again through your answer and then found the other one too XD

on topic: That’s normal. You can have all of the cats or just one of them multiple times. You will need them later for stronghold tho.