Kinda losing faith in the players

Once more i am faced with the sheer fun of going into tranquil karkosa and seeing that there are still people stubborn enough not to get a simple rotation mechanic… even if you explain it to them they are just that Stubborn to not get it and still wipe the whole party.

TBH if youw anna blidn run dont que than just look for a blind run group but dont wate other peoples time by beeing the only player with no clue at all… if it keeps on like this legion raids will be a no go for this community and i fear they will nerf it for these dunces …

There is a massive thread about this subject already. TLDR you should never go into anything with RANDOM people and expect it to be an easy or smooth run where everyone knows everything. We would all love it if that were the case but it never will be. If you want a group where people know all the mechanics your better off creating your own group.

Tranquil was the turtle? My very first tranquil was pub. Nobody knew what to do but one person wrote a wall of text to explain it to us.

It only took us two tries lol. Ezpz.

That’s some really bad luck.
I did it on a couple of alts this week, both runs had 2 or 3 wipes as people learned the mechanics but that’s to be expected.

I wish they had some kind of wipe limit to stop people from wasting everyone else’s time.