Kinda new player and tripods

I’ve been playing the game since end of july, my main is 1480 and got 5 alts (one is 1415 and the rest 1400). I’m reading that tripods are going to change, that “people should know” and that “AGS should explain” but nobody does explain what that means.

I do read every patch note, but something that I would never ever do is to watch some random guy video about he playing the game. If I have time I play the game myself and don’t watch someone else playing it. I did read maxroll guides for especific on the classes I choose to play, but I wont just “follow” a random guy on internet and loose the time I have to play just to watch someone else playing.

According to some people apparently I should be informed about what is changing and I still have no clue. Can someone direct a link to a guide that explain what “tripod changes” means? I got lvl3 (make the skill to become lvl4) for most of my skills already and I’ve been working to improve them since the beginning, but now people just keep saying “they are going to change” and I got not a single clue what is the change, because people just say “you should know” or “AGS should tell you”, but we are on a users forum and the users of this forum don’t explain what “tripod changes” means.

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May that will help you

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As i said in other post, AGS is relying the part of communicating and explain how tripod system works to Content Creators instead of doing it themself for some reason, I’m going to link you a couple of videos that will explain you how this change will afect the game from now on:

These videos are from ATK

And this one is from Zeals:

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OP already said they weren’t going to watch a Youtube video about it.

Just an opportunity for you to spend some Blue Crystal in order to get some guarantee lvl5 tripods in your Tripod Library post-patch.

It’s not like it gonna change your life, if you are already just transfering tripod casually, it will just make it easier for you (because chance to transfer will be much higher). You can chose to spend the gold to get the guarantee lvl5 tripods, but it will cost you 7 pheons per tripod you want to save (excluding what you’ll have to waste on additionnal Tripod Library pages and price of the tripod itself that can rage from few hundreds to multiple thousands).

People tend to vastly “over-rate” the “absolute necessary of taking advantage of it”. Tripod update is a good opportunity, if you are willing to, to get decent amount of character Power (with a full set of lvl5 tripods) but it’s still a waste of ressources for you to get some level of power (on patch release) that you would get over-time anyway at some point

Thank you very much for this information!!!

I’ve been trying to improve to lvl 4 my tripods, but each time I’ve failed. Now I will save my lvl3 (15 of the 18 tripods are lvl3 on my main) on the inventory as I did when I moved from legendary to relic and use all my accumulated resonance potions to save the gear pieces with lvl4 tripods until next week with better odds.

As SA player (with blue crystal reaching 5k) the option to buy extra inventory places just to use them once is not that economic as it could be for other people on other regions, so I will have to pass on that. The double odd to finally learn the lvl 4s is a different story and is an extremly welcomed news, because last week I’ve spend most of my gold on legendary books to finnally become 5x3, at least on my main.

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