Know Mech group is a lie

True tho but if this is the case floor pov means you don’t get past gate 1 :rofl:

depends on the raid, its very difficult for an on ilvl player too floor pov HM vykas. particularly Gate 1 and gate 2, because gate 1 requires people to be alive for the gates, stagger and black/blue orbs then gate 2 needs the dmg even though you can sort of cheese the red/purple orb mechanic and the black/red orb mechanic with fewer people.

gate 3 might have trouble with the tentacles maybe even the 2 stagger checks but its far more noticeable imo with G1 and g2.

G1 is by far the hardest gate cauz you can’t carry or getting carried not after 2 weeks of raid

G1 you can miss one gate and 1 maybe 2 orbs. the group on the other side however has no requirement to avoid a wipe mech.

G2 cant miss any black orbs I think but you can take 2 per player with battle items

G3 you can floor pov the entire thing.

u can miss 1 gate, but it leaves no room for error on the other 3 players which is unlikey (for some reason there is always atleast 1 person who fucks that up) then the black/blue orbs, each person has to take care of like what 5 orbs so if someones dead during it, its an insta wipe.

then 2nd group needs enough stagger for when they swap sides and some classes are obviously better then others. i had many groups where even if we were down 2 people we could clear the stagger check then others would fail if we had even just 1 person missing.

g2 i already covered that (thats what cheese means, for g2 the main reason losing someone is bad is because u might not kill her before enrage) and g3 is debatable.

id say you could potentially floor pov if it was 1 person in a group of whales but if were talking on ilvl 1460 player (which is what im talkin about atleast) in a group other 1460’s, it’d be pretty hard for them to clear without everyone alive.

just saying its possible

For G2 we made a dark grenade rotation from first to party to 4 in party 2 and repeat (3 dark per ppl)

Literally everything is a lie. I joined “exp” lobbys and after 3 wipes you could already tell that first timers joined. And then the usual goes “What do I have to do at x”, which leads into quitting the dungeon. Repeat that shit 10x voilà you had my 6h raid experience today,

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its not really possible though lol

in g1 if someone dies before the 2nd stagger then they are likely to wipe either at the stagger or at the blue/black orbs. atleast in HM idk if you can miss a full player in normal

in g2 HM even with people at 1480 groups can easily not do enough dmg to clear the boss.

so being carried through vykas will typically require someone to buy a boost from a group typically. or to be lucky enough to be in a group filled with giga whales.

90% of the party finder parties are people who are very bad trying to find someone that carries them. The players they are trying to find must be at least +20 ilvl of the recommended item level and has to be a class that is rated as S, A or rarely B tier according to the google list that comes at the top of the search results and there is no need to question their game knowledge cause ilvl is what matters according to them. These parties fail their first raid run by again 90% rate. So, they have to retry again till eventually they give up and take everyone that they see with a decent profile. And here I come to carry and teach them to not follow valtan when he jumps cause he will most likely do a whirlpool that will take a potion from them. But, even tho they don’t listen, me and sometimes another person with an actual functioning fingers clear the raid.
This post is 90% my personal experience 10% some friends that I trust in their words. But, I can tell it isn’t only me or them.


to be fair, that’s like expecting from someone who could drive a car from work to home once being suddenly a good driver.

Reclear, especially on W2 means you expect they’ve somehow made it through. Doesn’t mean they’ve seen every single mechanic and certainly it doesn’t mean they can handle what ever RNG combination of shit the boss throws at them. The same obviously goes for “achevement”.

If you only want fast groups you need to look for “one death and kick” groups. Those are “the best” for you. Quick, either way.

If you only want somewhat more experienced people, ask for “only 20hrs in”. That might mean they know the fight better.

Other then that be reasonable. You’ve already signed the devil’s pact by joining PF. Deal with consequences of your choices.

Depends how bad the fail is to be honest. If you try once and no one in the group knows any mechanics, why should you stay?

If it’s one person, it’s not so bad but some people can’t even be bothered to watch a video. I’m not waisting my day in a group which can’t be bothered to learn.

For example: the gate 3 swamp mech, that has zero reason to fail. If a group fails on that 3 times in a row, I’m out. GG.

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3x5 engraving players are also a lie, reminds me of some university grads I met irl but they got 0 common sense and can’t do any work.

Even people who link achievement in the raid are trash. You clearing it does not mean you didn’t get carried or whatever. So many “reclear” groups full with people that are dying to velganos pizza. A basic ass mechanic.

i would say the better analogy is, imagine a person who drove a car from work to home once but then not remembering how to start the car. its hard to believe someone did something then completely forgot every aspect of it

if a person “doesnt remember” mechanic’s then they should watch a video to refresh there memory. but to be completely unaware how a mechanic works means they likely never did the mechanic at all.

i dont care about fast groups but what i do not like are people that lied to get into a group. reclear means youve cleared it before, people will sometimes take 10s of hours progging this content. thats alot of practice for someone to just forget a core mechanic that wipes a group any time its failed.

not remembering attack patterns is one thing, but forgetting the velg pattern in g1, the 120 or 65 bar orb mechanic’s in g2 (or really anything in g3) is very suspicious.

Last Vykas I did was an “alt clear no clown fiesta” G3 group and I just joined with my alt DB thinking it will be yet another clown fiesta group. To everyone’s surprise we cleared in first try. Miracles do happen once in awhile.

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I will say it from experience on 2nd run with the same people we killed it last week:

  • G1 orbs you may know mech, but you need experience to handle balls. People may get stuck, may underestimate balls speed and got caught. We still don’t know why some balls simply don’t follow the man standing there. And one keeps claiming the gate changes color in the middle
  • G1 memory… 2 people did it last week by standing at their assigned positions forgetting they may need a swap. They hadn’t need it first time we did it.
  • G2 x120 - this one caused more wipes then anything because people can’t clearly see wings yet. They overlap and the top one they still keep doing mistakes. It’s not they don’t know mechanic, but they keep failing it anyway

We did G1 and G2 in under 30 minutes the first week. It’s not hard but it’s not enough time to actually know the fight if you are “lucky” with RNG, like the time spotters were certain about their G2 wings.

Week1 we spent 3h in G3 and by that time pretty much knew everything that could happen. It was the only easy part on week 2 and did it on 1st or 2nd pull.

Kill means little. Others may have killed it. Or they had a good raid caller but now they don’t. A lot of different reasons that may cause people appearing like they’ve never done it before even when they had.

“Know mechs” only means “watch video”, this gives zero proficiency or experience. “Reclear” means they probably seen all mechanics first hand, not that they can handle them in any situation. Especially in new group that does it differently, or they have different position.

The only thing I would put my bet is how many hours of experience they have. Or having more then 10 kills. Same as I don’t trust a driver that has less then 10000km. They simply haven’t seen enough situations that may happen and know how to handle them graciously. But until then it will be a bit bumpy. As long as people are communitacing and know what they did wrong I can keep trying. We are banish people who are silent or angry.

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  • G1 orbs you may know mech, but you need experience to handle balls. People may get stuck, may underestimate balls speed and got caught. We still don’t know why some balls simply don’t follow the man standing there. And one keeps claiming the gate changes color in the middle

Yeah, kiting the balls isn’t difficult, but knowing the color switch timers takes practice. Then you do it on a character that has 30% less movespeed and it feels like you’re doing it all over again.

Imo, the most difficult mech in all gates until you get enough practice, even though it looks easy.
G2/G3 mechs are just about communication.

We are banish people who are silent or angry.

Yeah, this is the key thing. I hate people that fail mechs and pretend like nothing happened and just stay silent.
Last week I cleared it after 1h20mins total, in a pug no less, but out first party was disbanded after three tries.

There was a Zerker that failed the color orbs. Then he asked for a position swap because he wasn’t comfortable. I switched with him and he failed two more times while pretending like nothing happened. I don’t have time for people that don’t want to be helped.

How exactly do you link achievements in a party finder that is cross server?

The only real solution to this would be to popularize a discord community that tracked and ranked players according to their achievements, but that would be only possible with a custom bot that would track things and I don’t think that LA’s core playerbase is as riled up about these issues like they were in WoW Classic where we would use discord bots to get premade AV’s to have an amazing experience instead of a miserable one