Knowledge Transfer Adventurer Tome Possible Bug (Workaround Found)

Update 3/11: I seem to have found a workaround, assuming this is a bug.

I was able to have the new character take a Ferry to each continent’s port, and when I first entered a given zone I received messages

“Added the Adventurer’s Tome for a new continent
x discovered” where x is the name of the area.

With the starter continent, I got to Port Krona but Yudia and East and West Luterra were still hidden. I was able to use the triports to those areas though, and porting in added each zone to the Adventurer Tome the same way. Had to sail manually to Tortoyk though, no ferry.

So it seems the ‘discovery’ status or flag whatever behind the scenes was not turned on during the Stronghold Knowledge Transfer.

I completed a Stronghold Knowledge Transfer (KT) today for the cost of 600 gold, but my newly-50 character is having a bug with the Adventurer Tome. All my characters are on the same server and two have visited Shushire. This is my first time doing a Knowledge Transfer at the stronghold.

But this specific character who was Knowledge Transferred up to Vern can only see two out of the nine areas I’ve unlocked when I open the Adventurer Tome with him: Rethramis and now Vern.

My other characters on the same server are able to see everything as normal on the Adventurer Tome.

I started my first Stronghold Knowledge Transfer (KT) 03/10/2022 at around 9 or 10 PM EST. The patch occurred overnight and was finished sometime this morning. The KT went up to Vern.

I pressed the complete Training button today (after the March 10 patch) and it took my new Gunlancer to a room of destiny, and I used the book to absorb the transferred knowledge.

I was then teleported to Vern and I am level 50 and received the free level 302 gear now.

When I open the Adventurer Tome (shortcut n) this KT character now only sees two of the continents with the select continent popup window: Rethramis and Vern.

Note that my other characters on the same server have already been to Shushire and it’s 31% complete. But this KT character sees a question mark only.

All other zones between those appear grayed out as if I’d never been there before. I used the world map to see if I could use a Triport to those places, but no Triports are unlocked at all.

I tried relogging and even shutting down the game entirely and restarting it, but the problem persists.

I expected all the continents between Rethramis and Vern to be completely unlocked as if this character had completed the zones also.

My 2 other characters are able to see all intermediate zones are unlocked, and also partial completion of Shushire which I am now adventuring in.

My main character unlocked them, and my second character gained them free with using a PowerPass a few days ago.

The Adventurer Tome is supposed to be a shared Roster-wide achievement, so it makes no sense that one of my characters is unable to even see progress for the in-between continents.

Or is this a known issue specific to Knowledge Transfer? I did not experience this issue at all when I used a PowerPass on a different character previously.

I also have the same problem after a KT

After KT, no triports work unless you’re on the continent. Once you leave they stop working again.

You can’t triport to another continent anyway, you have to be on it. The triports whether unlocked or not will look gray when viewed from a different continent.