Knowledge transfer being held back via power pass

I assume this is broken but maybe its just supposed to be this way? I leveled a STRIKER to 50, got to 302 gear score, love the class but didn’t want to main it for pve.
So I POWERPASSED a SHARPSHOOTER to 302. I have been pve’ing with him since like day 3 or 4. I just hit 1k gear score.

finally tried the sorceress and discovered that I love it so I was going to switch mains by knowledge transferring to 960 and just being a little bit behind. It doesn’t appear that I can do that because the game isn’t registering that I have actually gotten my gear score that high. I only assume it’s not registering because that was already a knowledge transferred character. I can’t imagine I should have to go through and do all of this gear stuff again on the striker especially after using all of these islands that I can’t even go do again.

Is this intended? Am I just stuck on this archer unless I throw another 100 hours into the game grinding for mats on striker?

You can just skip the story but have to upgrade to the ilvl threshold urself