Knowledge Transfer Confusion

I am well aware that this topic has been made a lot recently however after spending almost 2 hours trying to find the answer my self I haven’t had any luck.

  • As of right now I can only do the Vern Knowledge Transfer * * My main is 1013 Item level with all Main story complete up to Feiton *

My question is when it comes to actually doing the knowledge transfer on an alt, do I need to meet the item level requirement thats on the knowledge xfer? Or is it currently bugged? Or is it looking like we will have to do them in sequence? Example. Vern > Rohendel > Yorn > Feiton.

If anyone actually knows please make a post here so that I can stop losing my mind. Thanks.

I have the same issue. Main is almost 1000 ilvl, I used Knowledge transfer (vern) and can’t use it anymore to skip to rohendel/yorn or faiton…

I had the same question. Looking around it seems that the knowledge transfer only gets the quests done, they do not give you the ilvl of that part.

So far, how I understood the system, you need to get the alter to ilvl480 for Rohendel knowledge, 600ilvl for Yorn, so on and so forth. They don’t give gear at all.

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This might be a late reply, but how the Knowledge Transfer works, is that you need to level an alt to that ilvl to use it. Let us say you want to skip to Yorn, you need to gear your alt to 600 and you will be able to use the knowledge transfer. It doesn’t boost an alt to 600. It skips all the questlines to Yorn. So to summarize, you pay gold to skip hours worth of questing. And you still have to do the gearing yourself. The only one that is worth is the skip to Vern. You get a free 50 for 600g.

To finish off on the sequence, you will need to do what you listed above but once you reach the ilvl, you can skip a continent’s questline.

So yea, if you were able to get the gear from the transfer then it would be more reasonable. I don’t see wasting 1000s of gold for a Yorn skip being a fair cost. 1k gold just to save 2 hours, Nah.