Knowledge transfer doesn't work

It doesn’t let you select the character to use it on, even though they meet all the requirements. Please fix this ASAP.

It works for me . Sure you meet aaaaaall requirements ?

I figured it out, and it isn’t intuitive at all. You have to go on the character you want to use the knowledge transfer on and do the quests in Prideholme up until the girl gives you the song of escape – which will unlock the rest of your songs on the account like the stronghold song.

Absolutely zero thanks to arbenkai for that useless response.

I find most of the guides or mechanics of this game are not very user friendly. Thank god for youtube walk throughs.

Maybe I am stupid, but how exactly do you unlock the knowledge transfer? I am in the spot for my stronghold, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone here to start the process?

saved me alot of headache trying to figure out why I couldn’t select the character. Thanks