Knowledge Transfer Feedback

Hey there. I’m not sure if anyone in AGS or SG would even read this, but figured I’d give some feedback on knowledge transfer. The system is a great idea, but executed poorly. Being able to knowledge transfer to lvl 50 is amazing, but being unable to knowledge transfer past that point because you already did so on 1 alt before is poor design. The whole point of us wanting to use this feature is to remove the monotony of having to go through the same exact story line over and over again.

We should be allowed to knowledge transfer EVERY time if we’ve been through each continents’ story line on our main already. There’s no point in having to finish it again and again just because we want to play a new class in near end game activities that are actually fun and challenging. It’s feels like a punishment and a chore to do this all over again and honestly makes me not want to create new classes and play more of the game.

My suggestion: Keep the gear score required to progress to the next knowledge transfer, which will allow us to progress doing chaos dungeons, abyssal dungeons and guardian raids (you know fun stuff), but remove the quest requirement. That way we still spend time learning the class and having fun gearing up, but not have to slog through the same exact story again and again. It’s not the same as a power pass (because those boost your gear score up automatically), so it will still stand out as a separate way to skip story lines.