Knowledge transfer gone?

Hello, I remember when arcanist released, they also said that they were going to add 1 additional knowledge transfer. I don’t think I used that extra knowledge transfer for north Vern at least but when I go into my knowledge transfer tab now I see Knowledge transfer count 9/9. Did I just forget that I used it (pretty sure I did not tho) or is it missing?

Hello @Countofquivira, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry to read that you were informed of an additional Knowledge Transfer, unfortunately there have been no plans to add more KT uses; as part of the progression event of the Spells in Spades update which introduced the Arcanist advanced class, players are able to obtain a free Punika Powerpass after completing the quest “Berver’s Friend” before September 28.

Please make sure to stay updated with official information, you will find information regarding any updates to the game by visiting the Official News section here in the forums or by going to the news section of the official Lost Ark website:

Hope this information helps, have a good day in Arkesia.

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oups sorry im blind af

btw can i get more vern KT if i do the lvl 1-50 story again just like the other region KTs?

no u use all of your knowledge transfer. thats it. u wont be able to use it ever :)) unless they increase the limit of 9/9 it happen to me too. i delete a char i knowledge transfer from but didnt reset the count. so be careful. only use it when u really decide to use that char. otherwise. u will need to buy the paid powerpasses