Knowledge Transfer Still Bugged


So after you have used 9 knowledge transfers you need to level a character from 1-50 again and complete the “Ealyn’s Gift” quest, for me this is still bugged and have not refreshed. And here we are with Destroyer release with no powerpass + now also no Knowledge Transfer.

Whats up? :slight_smile:

I just assumed you were limited to 9 Vern knowledge transfers per roster, didn’t know this was a bug. But if it is, can confirm this is a thing, you can only do it 9 times then you have to manually level characters. PowerPass characters do not count towards the 9 thankfully. So at the moment if you wanted every class you’d have to manually level 1, powerpass 3 (2xvern, 1xfeiton), knowledge transfer 9 with gold, and manually level 4 more. Doing the story again isn’t bad though: can get some of the more annoying cards to farm like Solas, Vrad, etc.