Knowledge Transfer Yorn

i used the knowledge transfer to Yorn on one of my characters. Transfer was completed, it transfered me to the area with the book, when i used the book, it transeferd me to Yorn with all the areas unlocked, send me an email with my Awakening skill, an island soul and the Song of Reminiscence.
However i got no chest with any Gears, I am still 600ilvl (not sure if i should get an item lvl as i was 600ilvl already after completed Rohendel and then i used the knowledge transfer.
Also i still get this purple quest that tells me to travel to Yorn… Screenshot - c032a4420b162ba372bba22800ef6666 - Gyazo ( i am already here o.0 ) so when i get to sea and then dork to Yorn’s Cradle it completes the quest, however in Great Castle i still got quests to do…
I mean, did i pay all this gold just to get the triports unlocked? :S
With Vern knowledge transfer at least you get gear and all the quests done. it makes no sense to me.

You don’t get gear with any of them besides vern

yeah i thought so even tho it seems weird. but still i dont understand why i still have quests to do, was all this gold just to unlock the area? :S

Yeah it’s pretty much a charge to save like 2-2.5 hours. Only does msq no side quests and no gear

A power pass on the other hand does what you were thinking. KT is kind of a bad deal past Vern.

It’s pretty much useful if you got a good amount of gold and don’t want to lose the time, or you are maybe doing a quest line on another alt and want one to progress while you are doing that

You paid all that gold for mainly for main quests, unlocking new chaos and abyssal dungeons. It’s worth it if you have the gold and don’t have time to do quests.
It will not give your gear. Go buy on auction house or, because now you can enter yorn chaos dungeons, go and get new gear from there.

You get acces to chaos dungeon witch gives you the 802 set, then just hone and go to punika