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Ola players, could someone tell me why I can’t transfer my alts to rohendel and yorn? being that my main char (main) is already with gear level 960 and I’ve done all the possible quests with it until my gear level, I already do not know what else to do, just wanted to be able to play with other hero in tier 2/3 and not have only a hero in tier 2 onwards, would that be a bug? or I’m doing something wrong, could someone help me please? I’m a new brazilian player

Did you transfer any alt to rohendel or yorn after completing those cities with your main?

Ok the localization of this game is kinda garbage so I don’t blame you, but as you can see on the yellow text it says “Characters who completed the quest 1/3”, so you need to manually do the story with 2 other characters before being able to do the knowledge transfer again. If you click on the small magnifier icon below the rohendel quest you can see more details on this, but spoiler, you can’t do infinite knowledge transfers

no, I never managed to do that, just transferred to norfh vern, more has one thing my main char today is the striker but this striker he came as alt and I deleted my main char, but before delete I created the striker I left him as main and i did the transfer of it to norfh vern and i’ve been playing with him for a while and doing all the possible methods that in case I i’ve done all the way to my current gear level which is 960, if I go on the previous maps I have no mission to do with the striker, this indicates that I’ve done all the missoes right?

Knowledge Transfer just complete the Main-Missions and the important things, Knowledge transfer left every purple/yellow side-quest… so it’s still incomplete.

I think your mistake was to delete the character you’ve started with. Maybe any Staff Member can help you

so in case I would have to do the whole continent of rohendell with my alt char? do all the missoes I’ve ever done with my main char (striker)? I thought it was simply to do the whole continent with the main char and then take gear level with your alt necessario and go in the robot and send it to rohendel or yorn for reasons of having done all the main quest / secondary and etc in the main (striker), I’m very confused, because I do not have time to be doing continents with all the chares all the time… That could be easier…

I think about it too, have you thought I’d have to create another account and start from scratch?

Nonononono it’s not ONLY one char, you’ll have to do it with 2 more before being able to do another knowledge transfer to those regions, so buckle up


No you don’t have to, you just have to quest rohendel with atleast 3 alts by yourself. You can see the requirments on my screenshot

It doesn’t work like that tho is it? I remember while doing my alts I did one story, one tranfer, one story, one transfer. It went on like that :thinking:

In order to KT, you have to meet the requirements on the magnifying glass for using the 1st-2nd-3rd and so on. So your picture is showing that you Knowledge transferred once since its 1/9. In order to knowledge transfer the 2nd time you have to run 2 characters through Rohendel so you have 3 characters through rohendel since it says ‘2 - completed character x3 required’

There’s a thing where you don’t actually need to do all the quests in Rohendel to actually start the KT for yorn, I don’t remember the exact quest but once you meet the queen and the first quest you get to the building to the right and meet an old man, use the song to go stronghold, and it let me start the KT to yorn even if I hadn’t finished rohendel

I think I understand, but in this case here? i couldn’t jump rohendel and go straight to yorn? so in case I’ll have to do some quest with 2/3 more alts characters so I can transfer my alts to rohendel onwards?

yeah you have to do 2/3 before you can just KT and get it done instantly.

Since your over 600 I would probably recommend just starting Yorn.

Since you have a KT for yorn that you can use for Yorn, you can try the skip if it still works… I only did it only like 3-4 characters because I was kind of just speeding through it and I really hated doing the story. It’s like how I wrote it above where you just follow the MSQ until you get to the old man, I’ll take a screenshot of the building the MSQ will take you to, I can’t remember if you have to do his quest or if it’s just when I got to that point and saw the quest icon on his head that when I started did the stronhold song and saw that it let me just KT to yorn.

If you choose to do story by hand you can skip rohendel and go to yorn but it doesnt work for knowledge transfer. You gotta complete all cities before the one you wanted to learn first. It seems that you tried to learn rohendel on another character before but didn’t complete/accept it after it was ready/time was up I think. Because you gain 1 knowledge transfer free for everytime you completed that city. Like 1 by hand, then 1 free knowledge transfer

It would be doing the quests up to this guy, I would only recommend it since you have a KT for yorn you can use. There is a chance it may not work anymore, since I did this back in like march/april.

The quest portion up to the guy is kind of short where you kind of just go left and right and a scenario.

But as the person before mentioned, you can try the thing and see if the KT skip thingy still works or you can just go to yorn and start the questline there.

Edit: actually I have a character that can go to rohendel so let me check to see if you can just do it

So i can go straight to yorn with an alt personagel? instead of making rohendel? but i need to do some quests on this alt character in yorn until I meet this npc? i’m confused

Yeah, I just got up to there and it doesn’t work anymore w/ a 600 ilvl toon.

You can just go to yorn and start the questline there and just skip the rohendel questline.

ok, I’ll do this with my alt, I hope that everything is all right, in case it doesn’t i’ll come back here and notice you, but thanks to all the help

Is no problem.

I think the only other thing to add on to the existing stuff written for how many runs you have to do to use KT, is that, if you want to use KT and you skip Rohendel > finish Yorn manually > and say you want to KT Feiton for a character, it will always prompt you that you need to do rohendel; so you can’t use KT on a latter continent if you skipped an earlier one.