Korea PTR Mayhem Berserker

Thoughts on whether or not Mayhem Berserker will still be gatekept from raids? I think the class looks significantly better. Hoping the changes kill the stigma surrounding my fav class.

hopefully it helps with it but i don’t think the issue was damage i think people already have this Bad image of Zerks that is hard to remove

Yea, but why tho. It’s not our fault bots abuse our class. Not to mention its overall popularity that I think leads to more encounters with bad players.

Maybe it’ll take the class being OP again for people to invite my class shrugz

it’s the image of people dying in raids for example what some people have on zerks “they always end up being first to die in a raid” or “they are always so stupid that taking them makes the raid harder” these images are set by some bad players who can’t play the class for shit and people are like why would i take zerks ? not risking having someone like that

Except the dmg reduction of mayhem has always been dogshit at higer levels hence what usually dmg a normal char for 1/3 of his hps ista kills any mayhem.

Which is utter crap as you should have so much dmg reduction that you should shrug it with 1/3 or at worst 1/2 hp loss.

I did a few tests with my alt in g6 and at 1538 ilvl, with a base hp of 158k, certain patterns oneshot you period. You need surpass the threeshold of 40k hp to be able to survive said hits on 500-1500hp left.

All meanwhile any normal character gets hit for 39k but on full hp scale. Basically some hits are counted as fully taken no clue why.

Hopefullt the reduction changes finally make Zerk able to use diff cards from defensive, but i suspect there is a MAJOR FLAW in dmg reduction application while in mayhem. If not on all hits, on quite a few at least.

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It is not bots, bots plague sorcs and artillerists for awhile, you can thank the zerker pro himself asmongod for encouraging his idiotic fans to pick up zerkers and act toxic in raids as well as dying all the time which has been evident for a very long time. I will personally always gatekeep zerkers and reapers from my parties due to the fact that they bring no useful synergy as well as doing less damage than many other classes with similar gear.

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Zerker had a bad rep way before asmongold.You either get a bad one or a really good one.

As for doing “no damage” they do more then most of the non spec classes and alot of the time they beat spec classes in prolonged fights too.

Their weakness is their synergy tho.

WMA and FOG card sets = gate pass.

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never had any issues with being gatekept, and i have 5 zerks.

Also zerk is ultra tanky with tank card set, which is op as hell.

And after patch, it might not be even needed.

The patch might increase dmg of zerks by like 20-30% i imagine, since it will make everything much easier

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So even with the buffs and enhancements to zerker in the ptr, you still intend to gatekeep them? I suppose I get the class synergy part, yet berserkers do have a party dmg buff on red dust. It sounds like you’re saying anyone who chooses berserker is predetermined to be bad at the game? If the damage was now competitive for say mayhem with the buffs, would that change your mind as far as dmg goes between the classes?

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FYI, I don’t currently raid, I quit just after Valtan. I want to get back into the game, but id rather not waste the time investment only to be blocked from the good content for the character I like to use.

Do yourself a favour and don’t listen to these gatekeeping andies.
I have 4 berserkers and I don’t remember the last time I was gatekept.Granted My berserkers are all well equipped but thats a given for any class not looking to get gatekept.

As for how a berserker will look like after the ptr changes next month.

They made the class tankier and removed the charging on the heavy hitter skills.Basically tackled berserker’s 2 weaknesses.


the problem was players playing zerkers themselves not the class

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This is fake news.

Again, aside back attack sinergies (which got leveled and tuned in last kr patch) all the party sinergies ingame amount to roughly the same dmg boost.

Not sure why having 6% more dmg is seen as a bad sinergy. But you should stop listening to streamers MEMEING for fun and take them for real.

I, as a Zerker main, know, that our bad rep is justified.

The truth is, our class was made to have floor PoV, we have slow animationd in almost all skills without super armor, so for us to really do our damage through our combos, that takes 6 seconds sometimes (red dust) we have to commit ourselves to what we are doing. So, for us to really do damage and not die, we gotta know the patterns we are facing, and which of those we should “tank” and which we should dodge. Knowing this is what makes a Zerker good and bad.

But now truth be told, most of the Zerkers just play like a gorilla hitting their keyboard, most dont even know the windows nor the combos you can (must) explore as a Zerker, so in the end, the vast majority are either dead or have no impact what so ever in a fight. So can you really blame those who gatekeep us if most of us dont even put the amount of effort necessary to not suck? I say gatekeep us until we learn

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Yep, way too many garbage and toxic zerkers who think they’re the best gamers in the world. I’ve encountered way too many zerkers who shit talk someone making mistakes in a raid/complaining about lacking damage/supps not keeping them alive/trying to tell everyone how to play raids, obviously other classes have these fools but Zerkers just invite them due to the playstyle as well as asmongod promoting this braindead class.


Yea sure.I’m sure you experience that constantly.You never invite them but you constantly experience toxic/shit berserkers,right.
Also stop mentioning Asmongold.The guy can’t do basic typing mechanics and still uses whirlwind in brel and he keeps dying.You don’t promote a class by eating the floor constantly.If anything it would put more people off the class.

Are you a US player? I’m in EUC and I have yet to see any serious toxicity.
If anything its the support that starts shit or demand stuff.

lol.A couple of my guildmates say the same thing when they pug and they don’t even play a berserker.

Whales ruined it. Also Mayhem has damage taken problems they are either getting one shot or %5 hp left certain mechs while others only lost %50hp. Brelshaza stagger fail damage hits me 175k ( fully feast+food i got 190k hp ) while same buffed high vigor zerk dies.

Could say the same for every class. Exp supports if i have to give my 2 cents.

There s many many many many more supports absolutely clueless on how to play their class properly than zerkers.

But you dont go around bitching bout sups now do you?

Truth is that since some streamers memed the class, ironically, a bunch of fangirls took it literally and proceeded to hate a whole class.

Your own words on how just zerks are terrible speak about this very bias. How bout you wake up and start noticing every class bad plays and not just “kekw deadge zerk bad bad class” in any twitch chat.