Korea VO not working?

There seems to be a problem with the Korean VO pack, both myself and my wife downloaded the DLC and when we logged back in and everything is legit muted, our characters, NPC, etc.

Is there a bug or an issue with this? We had to turn back the English VO to even hear our characters :confused:

any info would be greatly appreciated! @Roxx :slight_smile:

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It has been an issue for a while now and there are quite a lot of topics about it. It seems they are working on it, no ETA at the moment tho.

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You cant only change to Korean in game options, you need to go to the steam Store page for Lost Ark, go to the DLC list, there you will find the Korean VO one, download the dlc and it should fix.

For me fixed all cutscene and sound effects, also character sounds (warrior/paladin)

Also you need 379 files in your KR VO local folder for it to work peoperly, not 42. There’s a guide out there to force-download the DLC.

Like I mentioned in my first post, we did download the DLC, the in game VO to Korean we toggled it in the game. The download was made and installed like mentioned before.

Hence why I asked if there was a problem.

Oh gotcha, thanks I didn’t know if this was something common or just particular to some users.

thank you! :slight_smile:

I downloaded the Korean VO from the steam page + enabled it in-game. I still have problems with some voice lines not being said and some cutscenes have no audio.

Ohh got it.

For me it fixed the problems, hope they fix for everyone soon :wink:

Korean VO still has issues in cutscenes @Missing dialogue (voices) in Cutscenes with Korean VO